in a revolving slot

Reply Wed 12 Jun, 2024 03:56 pm
Nevertheless, with Kirk
Hammett – who had been to every Lollapalooza and even played at a
couple, guesting with Ministry and Primus – the only member of the band
with any firsthand knowledge of what the event meant to the world at large,
there was something intrinsically contrived about their haste to be
shoehorned onto the bill now. ‘The part I like most is we’re hated again,’
said James defiantly. ‘I kind of miss that. People like us too much now.’
Careful not to push the boundaries between ‘old’ and ‘new’ Metallica too
far, though, despite one of their guests in a revolving slot on the tour being Waylon Jennings, who James admitted had been an inspiration for ‘Mama Said’, the band would never dare to play ‘Mama’ live

Could you explain in other words what the phrase in bold means?
Reply Wed 12 Jun, 2024 04:13 pm
I am guessing it's referring to the opening act in the tour not being one musician or band, but a selection of them.

So, one of those people was Waylon Jennings, according to the passage. Let's say for sake of an example that there were two other possible acts, The Lumineers and Amy Grant. Never mind who was really there. This is just illustrative.

If the tour went on for a long time, then these other acts might not always be available. This could be for anything from the wedding of a friend to a dentist appointment, or just wanting to rest up and be at home and not tour quite so much.

I like this idea, and I think it's a smart one. Metallica gets a variety of acts to open for them, and the people in those acts don't burn out as quickly because they get time off.
Reply Thu 13 Jun, 2024 06:26 am
Thanks a lot. Does the part "who James admitted" happened simultaneously with Waylon openning for Metallica, or does it mean that James had admitted before? Or he admitted many times before the concert with Waylon AND after. Thanks a lot.
Reply Thu 13 Jun, 2024 01:31 pm
The part about "who James admitted" (it's not worded well) is that James admits that Waylon Jennings was the inspiration for a particular song. Nothing to do with the concert, so far as I can tell.
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