Who thinks geek culture needs to be gatekept by true geeks?

Reply Thu 14 Sep, 2023 02:31 pm
i mean geek culture becoming a mainstream thing was a mistake.
It just infuriates me as i'm an actual geek.

Like we actual geeks got picked on for decades by bullies for liking stuff like comicbooks, animation, science fiction, fantasy, horror, video games, and D&D. These same bullies grew up to become these new fake geeks (all laugh at Big Bang Theory). Now they want to claim they were the ones bullied. Frigging ridiculous. These posers and fake geeks are really just activists in disguised and bullies who bullied us in school or high school joining bandwagons and wanting to destroy things.
Reply Thu 14 Sep, 2023 05:10 pm
Well, you can sneer at them for being fake geeks, like I sneer at Dylan Mulvaney and Lia Thomas for being fake women. I especially sneer/snort/laugh at the ones who claim to have period cramps...bwa ha haha ha
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Reply Fri 15 Sep, 2023 09:55 am
Gatekeeping in general is a losing plan. No community grows and thrives by intentionally keeping people out and the "gatekeepers" are inevitably myopic and close minded. In your case, who decides who a "true geek" is. You would spend more time arguing who it geekier than enjoying the culture you profess to love.
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Reply Fri 15 Sep, 2023 02:02 pm
In this online world, it is impossible to try to gatekeep certain media so that only "true geeks" will enjoy them.

And how those one define a "true geek" for Star Wars, for example? Reading all the expanded universe books? Watching only the movies? Just the Lucas-produced movies? The list goes on, and gets convoluted in the end.

And it is not like the "true geeks" don't have the potential of being bullies themselves (see the Star Wars fandom for many examples).
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Reply Fri 15 Sep, 2023 02:32 pm
I await the fake gamer girl accusations.
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