Natures electromagnetic forces

Wed 14 Jun, 2023 10:25 pm
Natures electromagnetic force interactions vibratory balance.They don’t cancel out as modern day science claims.

Modern day science needs to prove that they cancel, not guess that they cancel because that is not good science.

At the philosophical level, it also claims that good is bad and bad is good.It claims this because nether can be defined.Agian,that is not good science.That is a half logic guess until is can be proved.

What makes matters worse is it has taken that half logic guess and used it as the foundation for modern day science.A science which has mathematically invented a force called gravity and nobody knows what it is.It has then adopted this theory to invent another mathematical theory called the single Big Bang theory which is in the process of failing by observation.

Modern day science is therefore based on pure guess work.They don’t call them guesses though, they call them theories.

Bad guesses at that according to observations,

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Thu 15 Jun, 2023 12:21 am
The gravity theory is a half logic, attraction theory only, derived from modern day sciences philosophical guess that good is bad and bad is good (+/-...-/+). This theory neglects the electromagnetic repulsion forces that are happening in nature (-/-...+/+).

The electromagnetic fields that produce the + and - forces in spinning objects is the same field, yes, but everything spins in the universe at both the macro and micro levels and produces these 2 equal but opposite forces which interact with all the other spinning objects in the universe in the following combinations (-/-...-/+...+/-....+/+).Unless somebody can prove otherwise. The only way to balance these forces of nature is by the formula +/-=+/-.

When matter enters a hole it doesn't stop spinning, therefore if matter were to exit into all the multiple holes at the center of all the galaxies out there then these holes would not stop spinning because they remain within the electromagnetic fields which are causing that spin.

As science cannot prove otherwise, then this is as sound a theory as anything out there at the moment and I will challenge any scientist that thinks not.

Thu 15 Jun, 2023 04:27 am
I know that this is a controversial theory because it turns everything on it head but let's see how things progress going forward shall we now that they have made the connection between electromagnetic forces and consciousness which is also a controversial theory.

One things for sure, the big theories that we have at the moment are proving to be boring/non sensical guess work theories, from a psychological point of view, that are failing by observation.

Thu 15 Jun, 2023 11:40 pm
There is an electromagnetic process at play within the brain.This process has charged and uncharged elements which are representative of 0 and 1’s.

The gravity theory does not explain the workings of the brain..
Fri 16 Jun, 2023 05:03 am
The full logic possibilities -/-...-/+....+/-....+/+ which integrate into a united balanced formula +/-=+/- is a totally sound formula from a philosophical; scientific and psychological perspective.

There is a science that corresponds with this formula as well and it is related to electromagnetic processes.

All the components are in place within the universe at both the macro and micro levels to verify this formula.

Electromagnetic fields; spin; attraction; repulsion etc

The formula also explains dualistic reasoning at the psychological level which is associated with the automated part of our brain. Balanced full logic electromagnetic vibratory interactions provide the binary logic required for reasoning; memory; communication purposes etc

The formula also fully explains the consciousness experience.

An amazing formula.

Sat 17 Jun, 2023 12:05 am
Modern day science is presently playing on its own little merry go round with it’s half logic science and it has to be said, is failing miserably.It freely admits it.

It claims it’s science is all we have.


It is abundantly clear that modern day science is no authority at all.

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