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Reply Tue 30 May, 2023 08:53 pm
At 1:06:43 into the movie BDT’s character is hiding to the driver’s side of a Budget moving truck, so in the street (traffic), as TLJ runs past him on the sidewalk. BDT comes around the back of the truck heading toward the sidewalk. Instead of walking on the actual street he steps up on the loading ramp(?) on the back. Small bumper like. Takes 4 or 5 steps (sidesteps) then steps down onto the street and walks off in the opposite direction of TLJ. The whole thing takes 5 or 6 seconds. But for the love of God can anyone tell me WHY he would step up on the ramp, walk across it (4 or 5 steps) then step back down onto the street? Absolute throw away scene. Had to go back (in the old days we called it rewinding) to see if that’s what he really did. Blink and you miss it kind of thing. I shoulda blinked. Now I can’t get it out of my head. Please help. Going crazy.
Reply Wed 31 May, 2023 03:08 am
@Onioneaters ,
The wheels put the truck a bit high off the ground. Probably he didn't want to risk having his feet seen by TLJ as he walked around the truck. He took the platform so he could just step directly into the flow of foot traffic.

It demonstrates further to the viewer that this man is adept at hiding, blending in, and escaping. Such tricks add to the tension of the scene.
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