Are (MAGA) Republicans opposed to the National Security and National Defense of the United States?

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Are (MAGA) Republicans opposed to the National Security and National Defense
of the United States?
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@Real Music,
I think they are confused. I'm not saying that to be insulting but we don't teach civics anymore and our society has broken into neighborhood with their own special quirks. Most of those special quirks tend to be repressive to other people simply because the original neighborhood has never seen those habits before. It becomes more serious when Churches, Mosques, Synagogues become the targets but in the last 20 years or so we have managed to to create a great divide between Democrats and Republicans. Politics has always been competitive, but now it's just bald greedy and rigorously spastic.

As far as National Security and National Defense, I worry that MAGA folks are too busy with the peripheral nonsense's and are far removed from the crucial business of Defense. Most Americans have always been protected from foreign and domestic criminal organizations and don't have a clue how rigorously people train to learn how to protect hem.
Real Music
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As far as National Security and National Defense, I worry that MAGA folks are too busy with the peripheral nonsense's and are far removed from the crucial business of Defense.

1. It appears to me that (MAGA Republicans) and (MAGA media) want to either abolish or greatly weaken NATO.

2. It appears to me that (MAGA Republicans) and (MAGA media) want to abolish the very existence of the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DHS.

3. It appears to me that (MAGA Republicans) and (MAGA media) continues to show their support for Vladimir Putin and Russian interest over American, NATO, and European interest.

4. It appears to me that (MAGA Republicans) and (MAGA media) supported Trump's resistance to returning the massive volume of classified documents.

5. Based on various examples, I believe that (MAGA Republicans) and (MAGA media) have displayed that they are oppose to America's national security and America's national defense.
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Real Music
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Experts Worry Trump Can't Be Trusted With Nation's Secrets
After Leaving Office | NBC News NOW

Published Nov 27, 2020

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Editorial: Tucker Carlson dances on Ronald Reagan's grave with his pro-Russia stand.

By the Editorial Board Jan 29, 2022

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has inspired a new following from the extreme right, including some members of Congress, by asking: Why take Ukraine’s side instead of Russia’s? The arguments are vast for defending the sovereignty of democratic Ukraine, and most American adults should need no reminders why containing Moscow’s expansionist desires is essential for U.S. national security.

Carlson seems to be exploiting Americans’ exceedingly short memories and attention spans as he articulates a new Republican philosophy that is the exact opposite of everything the party’s iconic leader, Ronald Reagan, stood for. Carlson proposes embracing Russia as an ally and effectively excusing all of its past transgressions — of course including Russian President Vladimir Putin’s help engineering Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election.

“Why is it disloyal to side with Russia but loyal to side with Ukraine?” Carlson asked on his show last week to the applause of several GOP members of Congress. The reception was more chilly in 2019 when Carlson stated: “Why do I care [about] … what is going on in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia? And I’m serious. Why do I care? Why shouldn’t I root for Russia? Which I am.”

Here’s why. Putin was born and raised a communist, and actively assisted in the Soviet Union’s global expansion as a foreign intelligence officer. While he was rising through the ranks to become a KGB lieutenant colonel, Russia invaded Afghanistan, spawning four decades of upheaval and terrorism. Despite the Soviet Union’s collapse, Putin has never given up on reviving Moscow’s expansionist empire. Destabilizing Ukraine is key to that goal. Putin has armed and trained a separatist insurgency in eastern Ukraine. In 2014, insurgents and their Russian military advisers downed a Malaysian jumbo jet, killing all 298 people aboard.

That same year, Russia seized the strategic Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine. Reports from Ukrainians living in Crimea today indicate heavy levels of political oppression persist. Dissent is crushed, and criticism of Putin is punished harshly — just as it is everywhere else where Putin rules.

But apparently Carlson thinks that’s just swell.

Putin has a habit of killing, poisoning, maiming or imprisoning his most vocal critics. When the United States works around the globe to isolate repressive regimes such as those in Iran, Syria and Venezuela, Putin boosts their military with economic aid.

Carlson’s apparently a big fan, as are memory-deprived GOP U.S. Reps. Matt Rosendale of Montana, Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Paul Gosar of Arizona and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, to name a few.

Putin does all he can to stifle democracy, kill off his opponents, sabotage U.S. foreign policy and interfere with other nations’ sovereignty — including America’s. And Carlson has the gall to ask: “Why shouldn’t I root for Russia?” Perhaps Fox News should consider hosting Carlson’s next show from atop Ronald Reagan’s grave, just to drive home the point.

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Real Music
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Trump again calls for readmitting Russia to G7

Published June 9, 2018

(CNN) — President Donald Trump on Saturday doubled down on his call for Russia to be readmitted into the G7 and blamed his predecessor for Russia's aggression in Crimea.

"I think it would be an asset to have Russia back in," Trump said during an impromptu press conference at the summit. "I think it would be good for the world. I think it would be good for Russia. I think it would be good the United States. I think it would be good for all of the countries of the current G7. I think the G8 would be better."

Russia was suspended from the group -- then known as the G8 -- in 2014 after the majority of member countries allied against its annexation of Crimea. It was the first violation of a European country's borders since World War II.

Trump suggested that Russia be allowed back into the global group despite their continued occupation of Crimea.

"I would say that the G8 is a more meaningful group than the G7, absolutely," Trump said. He also blamed former US President Barack Obama for Russia's move into that nation.

"You'll have to ask Obama, because he was the one that let Crimea get away" he said when asked about the annexation. "He allowed Russia to take Crimea. I may have had a much different attitude."

Former Obama National Security Council spokesman Ned Price told CNN that "today crystallizes precisely why Putin was so eager to see Trump elected."

"For Putin, this is return on his investment, and it's safe to say that his investment has paid off beyond even his wildest dreams," he said in a statement to CNN.

Trump's advocacy for Russia's readmittance to the powerful group of industrialized nations -- which he first voiced on Friday -- comes despite opposition from European allies.

On Saturday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he told Trump that asking Russia to rejoin the G7 is "not something we are even remotely looking at."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at a press conference Friday that there was consensus that Russia should not return to the G7.

"We agree that a return by Russia to the G7 format cannot happen as long as there isn't any substantial progress in regard to the problems with Ukraine. That was the common view," she said.

"We (have) always been clear we should engage with Russia where it is in our interests, but we need to remember why G8 became the G7, it was because Russia illegally annexed Crimea," a European diplomat said Friday. "Since then we have seen an increase in Russian misbehavior and attempts to undermine democracy in Europe. It is not appropriate for Russia to rejoin until we see it behaving responsibly. Putin should get nothing for free."

This sentiment was echoed by a senior United Kingdom government source.

"The PM has always said we should engage with Russia but beware. We should remind ourselves why the G8 became the G7 -- it was after Russia illegally annexed Crimea," the source said. "Before any conversations can take place about Russia rejoining, it needs to change its approach."

French President Emmanuel Macron told journalists on Saturday that Russia could rejoin the summit if Moscow implemented the Minsk agreements, which were intended to enforce a solution the crisis in Ukraine.

"For four years, we have been saying we will extend again if and when the Minsk agreements are respected," Macron said. "We will, but only when and if the Minsk agreements are respected. So it's up to Russia now. As soon as the agreements are upheld, we will open the game. And that's really my wish. I'd like to have a G8 in Beatrix next year and that will be because the Russians fulfill the conditions of the Minsk agreements."

Lawmakers in the United States have condemned Trump's comments, which some have taken as the latest example of the US President's failure to condemn Russia for its interference in the 2016 election.

"The President has inexplicably shown our adversaries the deference and esteem that should be reserved for our closest allies," Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona said in a scathing statement Friday.

Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse said in a statement, "Putin is not our friend and he is not the President's buddy. He is a thug using Soviet-style aggression to wage a shadow war against America, and our leaders should act like it."

Former Vice President Joe Biden denounced Trump's remarks, writing on Twitter, "Putin's Russia invaded its neighbors, violated our sovereignty by undermining elections, and attacks dissidents abroad. Yet our President wants to reward him with a seat at the table while alienating our closest democratic allies. It makes no sense."

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Friday that Trump was turning US foreign policy "into an international joke, doing lasting damage to our country."

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Real Music
Reply Wed 15 Mar, 2023 09:47 pm

I wonder if Lash has any thoughts on this particular subject.
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