Would you buy and drink from a Shelf Turd?

Reply Wed 11 Jan, 2023 05:56 pm
Whiskey is okay, give me a good tequila to shoot, though. My go to shooting tequila is 1800 reposado. Around here a really popular whisky is Buchanan's, pronounced in Spanish bucanas, heh.
Reply Thu 12 Jan, 2023 12:39 am
My husband prefers Don Eduardo but will take Don Julio in a pinch. We searched Zihua stores for a week, then wandered over to Ixtapa and actually found a couple of bottles. Up here they're about $100 each so getting them for $55 was a steal. That was a while ago... the prices are likely higher. And they were both anejo, so even more likely.
Reply Thu 12 Jan, 2023 06:08 am
Tequila is my second choice.

Many pubs over here have the four popular spirits on optics, while the rest is poured into measures.

The four popular ones tend to be Vodka, Gin, Whisky and either Rum or Brandy depdnding on the pub.

My four spirits would be Calvados, Tequila, Rum and Slivovitz.
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Reply Thu 12 Jan, 2023 06:18 am
Mush is another word bandied about in these parts.

Mush is a slang term for the mouth in most of the country, but it also has another meaning down here.

It means a person, usually a man, and although it's not particularly polite or friendly, it's not that rude.

Often people will talk about meeting some mush, and if you were called a mush, (depending on context,) you wouldn't normally take offence, like you wouldn't if someone called you a bloke or a guy.

When I was on holiday in Mexico we met some nice people from Kentucky and wanted a photo with all of us in. We were on a ship, and their calls of, "Excuse me sir," went unheeded. My "Oi Mush!" got the desired effect.

At first he looked angry but when I asked him very nicely if he would take our photo he was fine.

(You can get away with a lot in Mexico if you have an English accent.)
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Mr PantsFellDown
Reply Sat 14 Jan, 2023 03:52 pm
I used to drink Arrow Coffee Brandy. One night I found 5 dusty bottles that time forgot. They were old unheard of brands. But I KNEW..just as wine improves with age, these bottles are probably a lucky find, so I bought 'em. AND THEY WERE GREAT!
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