Feaky animals, the animals that I recommend (2)

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Your “friend” seems has political tendency.
Looks like it. But he forgot this pig is a personal researcher engaging in pure natural science only.

A brief history of Mao
In October 1927, Mao actually was banned by Chiang Kai – Shek in over 99% of the Chinese territory except Jinggangshan san(井冈山). He based there and expanded his troop and struggle. In those tough days, he was lucky to have a few good comrades such as Zhude and Pengdehuai,etc. They fought hard with the enemy in the 20 years later on. At last, he together with his comrades initiated a new era of themselves with their own principle.
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Mao vs Chiang Kai – Shek, touchy and feely

In October 1927, Chiang Kai – Shek was called as “authentic”, while Mao was called as “gangster”. Such state continued for 20 years.
One day, suddenly Mao was called as “authentic”, while Chiang Kai – Shek was called as “gangster”.
Left to right, right to left, “natural symmetry”. Such effect is instantaneous. It almost has nothing to do with movement and time.
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