The Problem of Christopher Columbus: A modest proposal

Reply Mon 3 Oct, 2022 06:17 pm
Columbus Day is next Monday. Since history has frowned on this genocidal maniac/incompetent buffoon. As a holiday exercise, which other famous Italian would you swap out for Columbus so we could still celebrate Italian-American heritage and still have a national three-day weekend in October?

The incidental inspiration for this question.
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Reply Mon 3 Oct, 2022 06:58 pm
Got to have a theme song for a thread like this
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Reply Mon 3 Oct, 2022 07:24 pm
I can think of a few.

If you're only looking for Americans:

* Mario Cuomo
* Albert Broccoli
* Danny DeVito
* Nick Cafardo
* Gwen Stefani
* Ella Grasso
* Guy Fieri
* Annette Funicello
* Keith RA DeCandido
* Donald Bellisario
* Jim Croce
* Dion DiMucci

If you're open to Italians who are/were citizens of elsewhere, including of course Italy:

* Galileo Galilei
* Sophia Loren
* Leonardo da Vinci
* Guglielmo Marconi
* Dante Alighieri
* Michaelangelo

But I think we need to give it to Frank Zamboni or Frank Zappa.
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Reply Tue 4 Oct, 2022 03:06 am
If you want an explorer without all the imperialist bullshit you couldn't do much better than Marco Polo.

And yes, I know he ended up working for an empire (Mongol), but he didn't travel as an invader.
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Reply Thu 6 Oct, 2022 01:45 am
I am going to say this. I love Columbus day for the parades, especially the marchers. It is something for them to do and for us to enjoy. It is a lot better then Thanksgiving Day to be honest.

Christopher Columbus had Money-Lenders investors, to the queens personal advisor/friend ( which could have been identified/mistaken for the queen herself ) who even had him in hand-cuffs on his journey back to Spain. He died an young man not even reaching 60.

Yes Columbus did terrible things but the person who came after him did even more terrible things as well. To these early explorers they were on the other side of India. Using science to take advantage of people. This did not stop even with the exploitation of Canada, or the "Trail of Tears".

Despite his wrongness what is the difference between the treatment of colonist to Penal colonies of the British in Australia? None.

Yes we could say
1. He was a European ( "white" ) guy vamped with power
2. He mutilated peoples bodies to enforce law.
3. He put himself up their with god like figures
4. Even hide behind god.
5. Used science for his advantage.

But hey look at the world right now.


1. As many Italians know the discrimination they got for being "original Europeans" ( Ex-Old-Roman ) with "olive-skin" and "North-African features" ( not including the Norse + Italian look ).

2. Talking about "Money Lenders" actual documents and recordings could point to Columbus actually being a "hidden-Jew" among Catholic mentalities of the time. Which also could question the assassination attempt on Bobadilla ( the Advisor that had Columbus in chains on his way back home to court ). As being Jewish was shunned in such societies despite positions of power.

3. Columbus is considered an Italian hero of his time and rightfully did discover the "Americas" even if it was by accident and for gold, slaves, and position of power. That is why his day is celebrated.
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