My Life Before Barack Obama

Tue 12 Jul, 2022 09:39 am
My prime rule of gender from campus economics:
Straight, is moral.
Gay, is evil.
Moral and evil, can be heterosexual.
But heterosexual and homosexual, as second case tense partum, are moral and evil.

My dream job in highschool:
A commodities broker position in Chicago, working on the Polymercatile Exchange, with a resource economics degree from college.
With a wife and kids.
Or with no wife and kids, dominatrix parties and drugs.
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Tue 12 Jul, 2022 10:11 am
cheater120 wrote:

dominatrix parties and drugs.

I KNEW IT! I just knew you were on drugs! Confused
Tue 12 Jul, 2022 12:12 pm
Something is turning him into a cartoon iguana.
Tue 12 Jul, 2022 12:18 pm
As we would say here "He ain't right" Razz
Tue 12 Jul, 2022 12:28 pm
There is something seriously wrong with him, he's not even amusing with his delerium, he's just a nasty bigot.
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Tue 12 Jul, 2022 02:45 pm

Tue 12 Jul, 2022 04:03 pm
Your not even worth my words. Obama only did wrong was that drone in Pakistan that killed innocent people. Then the change in Financial Aide, along with the ability to have off shore accounts. HRAct ( obamacare ) was actually a positive.

Checkout Arsehole consulting. Because clearly your one.

People have been using gay as a negative slang even before the 1990's.

Your dream sucks because clearly you want people to allow to manage their assets as a job but again you could get a job a janitor via night ( or security guard if you think your so great, or maybe a regular 9 to 5 job and be a day trader ???

You want me to trust you and your having negative opinions of a minority because of him supporting his financial backers??? What kind of financial person are you??? Next your going to be one of those losers in HR who waste everybodies time getting to get paid doing nothing.
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Tue 12 Jul, 2022 04:26 pm
No, that's LSD, the andrenochrome comes later.

Drop me in the pool and I'll sink like a stone.
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Tue 12 Jul, 2022 04:28 pm
Can't post pictures on this device.

Google "jubjub simpsons"

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