Bossche explain how the injection destroy your immune system

Mon 9 May, 2022 10:26 pm
How the injection destroy your immune system. From his paper.

Why areC-19 vaccinated people no longer able to rely on relevant innate immune cells when circulating variants become resistant to the neutralizing capacity of the vaccinal Abs?

"Neutralizing anti-S Abs have strong affinity for SC-2 as they are primarily directed at immunodominant epitopes within the S-RBD. Because of their high affinity, these Abs can easily outcompete innate polyreactive IgM Abs that recognize self-like glycans on the surface of CoV. In case there is sufficient match between the immunodominant RBD epitopes and the vaccine-induced Abs, this does not pose a problem to controlling viral infection and spread. In the absence, however, of sufficient virus-neutralizing capacity of vaccine-induced Abs (due to resistance of the virus to potentially neutralizing anti-S Abs), these innate polyreactive IgM Abs can still be outcompeted by non-neutralizing, infection-enhancing anti-NTD Abs that are equally elicited by all S-based C-19 vaccines (see fig. 3).

As the enhancing NTD site is relatively conserved (i.e., shared among all different SC-2 variants), the enhancing Abs will be recalled upon re-exposure with new immune escape variants and bind with disproportionally high affinity to S if the neutralizing capacity of the vaccinal Abs towards the circulating variant is low.

Unless the functional capacity of the relevant innate immune cells has been sufficiently trained before
vaccination such as to produce relevant polyreactive IgM of higher affinity, the infectious and
pathogenic behavior of SC-2 in vaccinees will be largely determined by their vaccine-induced enhancing Abs, especially as those will continuously be boosted by virtue of the dominant circulation of the vaccine-resistant variant."
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