Any advice for traveling to the Grand Canyon?

Reply Sun 17 Apr, 2022 01:04 pm
My siblings and I are wanting to go on a vacation to the Grand Canyon for during this summer. There are a total of 12 people in our group, including me (16m), my oldest sister (31f) with her husband (31m) and their children (8f, 7f, and 5m), my older brother (26m) with his wife (27f) and their children (4f and 2m), and my other two sisters (22f, twins).

We haven’t made any solidified plans yet, but we had some ideas thrown around. I’ve suggested renting a RV, but my brother brought up that most models couldn’t comfortably fit all of us. The few that could, according to him, would probably be a bit too expensive. My oldest sister and sister in law further shot it down, citing the recent stories of RVs catching fire.

The twins proposed that we should rent a van instead. My brother in law agreed, adding that he’ll look for prices online. However, we are still debating our sleeping arrangements. Me and the twins want to go camping, but my brother, my other sister, and their spouses would prefer a hotel.

A compromise that I’ve thought of is simply getting a cabin. It’ll be both in outdoors like what the twins and I want, while still providing the creature comforts that the other two seek for their families. I haven’t brought this idea up with my siblings yet, so I don’t know what they think of it right now.
In terms of price and practicality, what would be the preferable option, considering our family situation?

Additionally, what are other things we could do around the Grand Canyon? Any advice given here will be appreciated, and thanks for taking your time in reading my post.
Reply Sun 17 Apr, 2022 02:32 pm
There is nothing to do around the Grand Canyon. It's a big hole in the earth that stretches almost 2,000 miles long. Yep, you'll go, see it, spend 1o maybe 15 minutes marveling at the thing and then want to go home. Sure, read the signs while you're there, it's the only thing that will keep your sanity. The nearest "city" is Flagstaff, about an hour and half away. You will see catus. And a lot of them.

But since you've seen one cactus, you've seen them all, cacti don't really change their appearance. At all. Sure, they grow, but your children will be adults by the time you'd notice.

You can tour the area though.

Have fun at Cochise's Stronghold. That was exciting! Seventy five miles on a dirt road to read a sign! Yep, that area is big on signs.

I think they made a song specifically for signs...
Reply Sun 17 Apr, 2022 03:01 pm
Cynical, but true. Still, I do think it's worth a trip. Can't say it's worth it, but I'm glad I got to see it one time.
Reply Sun 17 Apr, 2022 07:22 pm

A compromise that I’ve thought of is simply getting a cabin.

More than a "compromise" – I think it's a very reasonable proposal in its own right. However, the window may be closing fast on 2022 bookings.
Reply Sun 17 Apr, 2022 07:37 pm
It's really amazing when you think of how long and how much water it took to carve that out. I was there many years ago and did several sketches of it. I have no advice about your accommodations, especially since it most certainly will have changed since I visited. My husband and I were driving from Vancouver to Arizona and decided we had to stop there. There was one hotel and no skywalk. It was something I'd not want to miss.

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Reply Sun 17 Apr, 2022 09:40 pm
Yeah, true. I quickly made that proposal to my family, and they all haply agreed to it. We're currently trying to book for one right now.
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Reply Mon 18 Apr, 2022 07:22 am
Cheddar Gorge is only about five miles long, but there is a **** ton to do, caves and original cheddar cheese making, lots of shops and cider.

A few miles down the road is Glastonbury, home of the Gladtonbuty thorn that legend says grew from the stick of Josrph of Arimathea.

And Arthur's grave.

I normally do both in a day starting at Stonehenge.
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Reply Mon 18 Apr, 2022 07:34 am
If you are coming in from the south side, there is a 4.5 mile trail of switchbacks that takes you down the wall of the canyon to the bottom and you can hike out to the river. There is camping at the bottom. Should you do that, remember you need to hike back out too. My son and I did it and it was great.
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Reply Mon 18 Apr, 2022 09:21 am
The bonus with the cabin - is you could also tent depending on the set up (like if you have some "land" as part of the cabin rental - and if they would allow it - you could just pop up a tent there and the two of you that want to camp can. Also, if your family's focus is on being in the outdoors - much better to have a cabin than a hotel - you are right there - I think campfires - smores - card games at night and so much to do right outside your cabin.

Going somewhere like the Grand Canyon is great for those that like the outdoors - it would not be boring as some others suggest - as it would be a beautiful place to camp, fish, hike, horse back ride, white water rafting, pretty much anything if you like the outdoors. I cannot imagine being bored there - more being active.

I loved camping - we haven't done it in a while as my kids are older and now have summer jobs so harder to get away for a long weekend and camp. But I do miss it. And we would do tent camping; no pop ups or cabins.
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Reply Mon 18 Apr, 2022 02:14 pm
Getting sleeping arrangements made ahead of time is a must! If you can't get a cabin or hotel, you might as well skip it until next year.
Grad Canyon is breathtakingly beautiful and we were driving all the way from the south to the north rim, got up at 4:30 am and watched the sunrise over the canyon - something I will never forget. It really takes your breath away!

My suggestion would be to get a hotel in Flagstaff for 1 night and drive very early up to the Grand canyon (south) and head over to the north rim. You can get cabins there (if you reserve way in advance). However on the north rim side are also accommodations for campers.

You will make such fond memories there for your siblings and extended family.
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Reply Tue 19 Apr, 2022 01:24 pm
Remembering the North Rim locks down in October, and they may close the road between Flag and the South Rim at any time after.

I like to come into the park at Cameron, the East Entrance and open all winter. Easy peasy.
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Reply Fri 22 Apr, 2022 07:23 am
The magnificent desolation of the Grand Canon is best appreciated in isolation. A crowd of yammering tourists would ruin the whole thing.
Clear winter days are the best.
bobsal u1553115
Reply Fri 22 Apr, 2022 08:37 am
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