Effect of Publicity of Police Ineptitude

Reply Sun 20 Feb, 2022 05:24 am
There has been much publicity of police officers violating the rights of African Americans. Is the purpose of the publicity to convince African Americans that the power structure of American society is illegitimate and that they should not comply?

Has the percentage of African Americans who resist arrest increased?
Reply Sun 20 Feb, 2022 07:48 am
Why the hell would either of those be the purpose?

It's reported (a) because it's newsworthy, and (b) because peace officers who violate anyone's rights are a danger to society-- and they screw up prosecutions. When cops do this, they serve up loopholes for defendants on a silver platter.
Reply Sun 20 Feb, 2022 09:15 am
Increasing numbers of black Americans seem to realize that the racist foundation of this country has morphed in outward appearance while the subjugation of their people has not abated at all. I say this as a concerned observer over almost eighty years. All I will say about their relations with police is that many officers are overtly racist in their approach to their job. Some black people naturally are going to want to strike back. Overall I think that as a people they have been much more restrained than whites who think like the Trumpsters.
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Reply Sun 20 Feb, 2022 11:04 am

Yes, I accept that what you stated is correct.

I am a white man. When I read of such a case, I think that a particular police officer is against blacks or incompetent and based on that should definitely be removed from the police force and possibly be punished beyond that depending on the particular facts of that case.

I guess that a black man reading about such a case may construe that not only is the officer guilty but consider the officer to represent the society. And if it is the society that is guilty, then the black man may decide he is then not subject to the society's rules.
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