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Sun 19 Dec, 2021 11:12 am
I'm going to share a few melodies I've composed. Now, I'm a complete novice at composing, which means these melodies might be senseless rubbish. From my perspective, they're good melodies that convey specific moods. For example, when listening to my 1st melody, I think it conveys a profound, otherworldly mood/scene. So, I think it's a profound melody (a good melody). But, I can't trust my own judgment because, as I said, I'm a complete novice at composing. So, just because I judge my melodies as good, profound, or powerful, and just because I judge them as conveying specific scenes, events, or characters, doesn't mean I should trust said judgment. Any musical judgment I make might be false. But, if, let's pretend, I became a professional composer with a lot of musical knowledge, then I could trust my judgment because it would be the truth.

Anyway, before I share my melodies, I wish to say that my goal as a composer is to create compositions, such as melodies or songs, that are not only good, but convey the specific moods I wish to convey. Talented composers are able to achieve this goal. For example, John Williams has created good compositions that convey the world of Harry Potter and Star Wars. I'm not implying I wish to be as talented as John Williams. I'm just saying I wish to possess the level of talent required to achieve my composing goal. I think I have this talent because I think my melodies are good and convey the specific moods I wanted to convey. But, I might not have that talent, and I just think I do. With that being said, I'm going to share my melodies, which have chord progressions. I used Hookpad to compose, by the way:





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Tue 21 Dec, 2021 11:58 pm
I wish to add that I thought my melodies were astonishing. But, I no longer think so. Why is that? Well, if they were astonishing, others would be astonished by them. Also, I no longer think they convey what I thought they conveyed. For example, with my 1st melody, I said it was profound and otherworldly. If it really was a profound/astonishing melody that conveyed an otherworldly scene, listeners would be astonished by it, and they'd say it's profound and otherworldly. Since this isn't the case, that must mean it's just some ordinary melody that I thought was profound and otherworldly, when it really wasn't. So, clearly, I'm projecting false judgments upon my melodies. This is a problem because I want to create astonishing melodies that actually convey whatever I wish to convey. I don't want to be creating melodies that I just think are astonishing and convey what I want to convey, when they really don't.
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Thu 7 Apr, 2022 07:40 am
Thanks for the post. Very interesting.
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Michael John
Sun 10 Apr, 2022 11:26 pm
Just loved it
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