How to deal with unqualified boss ?

Reply Sun 11 Apr, 2021 03:16 pm
Hello everyone and thank you for visiting this topic.

I have been working as a software engineer remotely as an intern and part time developer in a startup for 8 months and I have some serious issues with the CEO.

He is the direct manager of the project we are working on currently and I am doing good until now because I have technical knowledge and I have worked on multiple projects before. I am well treated by him because I am doing my job properly, even for an intern who is still learning, but the other interns do not receive the same kind of treatment at all.

They get scolded for the smallest mistakes he remarks and also he is not even monitoring their work and how the project is evolving properly. They are interns and mistakes are to be expected from them because they lack the experience, and yet he keeps recruiting only interns and not people with experience and then scolds them and does not help them at all. The worst part for me is, even though he encouraged them in their first meeting to ask him questions whenever they want, he called me whining and whimpering about how ridiculous their questions were the very first time an intern tried to ask him something ... he even went too far and threatened them to fire them if they do not complete the project they are assigned on before a specific deadline.

Also, he works in another company as a developer and lately he is been asking me to help him with some HIS work in this OTHER company and that work should be easy for someone of his level ...

This kind of atmosphere is not encouraging at all and this has become annoying. Despite me being treated nicely and all, I do not stand this behavior, like asking me to do his work from outside the company for him and continuously scolding the interns, instead of guiding them, shows them how things are done properly, and being a leader to them, when in fact, he is not doing any better than them in his proper work.

What would you do in this kind of situation ? Should I just finish my internship and quit to look for a better company ? Should I talk to him, even though I am just an intern and really lack the position to be someone who gives him advice on how to be proper manager ?

Thank you in advance.
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Reply Sun 11 Apr, 2021 03:40 pm
Yes. Look for another job. You are under no obligation to fix things, particularly once your internship ends.

PS He's probably bringing in interns to save $.
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Reply Sun 11 Apr, 2021 04:08 pm
I agree with Jespah. Don't play games you can't win.

Your goal as an intern is to get experience, and to get connections. Make sure you make friends and even leave on good terms with your idiot boss. Working with incompetent bosses is a good skill to have.

Finish out your internship and make as good an impression as you can. Then go find yourself a real job,
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