Worlds Largest City by land mass

Merry Andrew
Reply Tue 30 May, 2006 05:02 pm
captainmike wrote:
Sorry folks, but your all wrong...

Honolulu is the largest city in the world. According to the state constitution any island (or islet) not named as belonging to a county belongs to Honolulu. This makes all islands within the Hawaiian Archipelago that stretch to Midway Island (1,500 miles northwest of Hawaii) part of the City of Honolulu. Honolulu is about 1,500 miles long or in other words it would streach halfway across the continental US making it by far the largest city in the world.
(emphasis added)

captainmike, you are either forgetting, ignoring, or ignorant of the fact that each island in the State of Hawaii is also a separate county within the state. Thus, Honolulu is located in Oahu County and can claim no territory outside of its city limits, not even towns which are in the same District as Honolulu. Pearl City, right on the outskirts, is not a part of Honolulu. And certainly Hilo, the second largest city, is not. It is located in the County of Hawaii, on the Big Island, District of Hilo.

Your conclusion sounds nice in theory, but it just ain't so.
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Reply Thu 1 Jun, 2006 12:52 pm
Merry Andrew,

Although your argument contradicts my statement there is one big detail that you are incorrect about. There are only four counties in Hawaii (Kauai; city and county of Honolulu; Maui; and Hawaii).

And as I stated before, according to state constitution any island (or islet) not named as belonging to one of the four county's belongs the the City and County of Honolulu. Therefore the City of Honolulu includes the entire island of Ohau and all 1300 of the other islands with the exception of The Big Island (Hawaii County), Kauai and Niihau (Kauai County), Kahoolawe, Lanai, Maui, and Molokai (Maui County). These 1300 islands streach to the NW for about 1,500 miles making Honolulu the largest city in the world.
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Reply Fri 2 Jun, 2006 11:42 am
Regardless how one apportions the geopolitical subdivisions of Hawaii, the overall landmass of the entire archipelago, approximately 11,000 square miles by most generous estimate, amounts to somewhat less than a third of Greater L.A.'s approximately 34,000 square miles. The question at discussion here explicity establishes area of landmass as the criterion of measurement, so anything having to do with Hawaii definitely is out of the running.
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Reply Fri 2 Jun, 2006 11:45 am
Ooo Oooo . . . i know, i know ! ! !

Canada . . .
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Reply Tue 15 Aug, 2006 06:37 pm
Largest City in the World by Surface Area
Using City Proper, or City Limits, not any "Greater" area, which is a matter of opinion, the list below seems to be accurate.

1) Chongquing, China - 31,815 sq mi
2) Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Canada - 24,479 sq mi

6) Biggest in the US - Sitka, Alaska - 4812 sq mi
18) Biggest in Lower 48 - Jacksonville, Florida - 874 sq mi
19) City & County of Honolulu, Hawaii - 821 sq mi

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Reply Wed 16 Aug, 2006 08:14 am
Mount Isa, NW Queensland Australia is the largest city in the world. Roughly the same size as Switzerland. Fact. Check your lonely Planet books.
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Reply Wed 16 Aug, 2006 10:36 am
Check Your Source Again
"Often labelled Australia's premier mining city, Mount Isa holds a number of other impressive titles such as "world's second largest city", with its main street stretching some 188 kms to Camooweal, a small township that is part of the Mount Isa local government area of some 43,010 square kms." - http://www.mountisa.qld.gov.au/welcome/The_City_Today/the_city_today.html

It seems that the government of Mount Isa doesn't agree with you. Mount Isa's 43,010 square kilometers, or 16,606 square miles, clearly puts it in 3rd place*, behind Chongqing and Wood Buffalo.

*Again, I am using only the figures for the city alone, as defined by the city government itself, not any "Greater" area, which certainly vary from source to source. Below from Wikipedia.org's entry on Los Angeles -

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 498.3 square miles (1,290.6 km²)

Wikipedia's List of World Cities Ranked by surface Area -
Reply Sat 7 Oct, 2006 11:51 pm
I am happy to say, that my hometown of Dunedin in New Zealand, is classed as the 4th biggest city in the world in landmass, this is politically, meaning this is going off properly marked city boundries, and not just made up ones.
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Reply Thu 12 Oct, 2006 10:41 am
Jeez . . . .

Like I think someone already said, I suppose its what you consider a city to be. If you consider it to be mostly desert or scrub land or whatever then i Suppose its Phoenix !? or whatever that place in Australia / New Zealand / Alaska you were talking about . . If you consider a city to be mostly slum areas and shanty towns then its gonna be Sao Paulo or Mexico city or whatever, If its a a large city center and greater residential area then its gonna be LA or NY. My moneys on London or Berlin, outer suburban areas are a mix of residential, business and tourist - thats not the case in NY or LA where its just houses.
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Reply Sat 4 Nov, 2006 10:59 pm
In response to Calgary as the largest city, here is a point of clarification. It's land mass covers over 5,000 square kilometers making it the single largest metropolitan city in North America (according the source of http://www.calgaryalberta.net/cityprofile.html). It is not like LA or Toronto (or even Edmonton at a much smaller scale) where there are a lot of suburbs, towns and cities that are joined together. According to Wikipedia, Calgary is larger in land mass than New York and Toronto. Calgary has not yet reached its nearby towns so I think they judge it in this way by being the largest 'single' metropolitan area which has not yet blurred its boundaries by other cities and towns joining.
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Reply Tue 9 Jan, 2007 02:36 am
Largest cities by land area
List of largest cities by land area:
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darren ernie
Reply Thu 15 Mar, 2007 06:10 am
Re: Worlds Largest City by land mass
bsumm wrote:
Can anyone tell me what the largest city in the world is by land not population.
I say it's London, but I have been otherwise been told it is Mexico City.

Can someone put me right.
its london
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darren ernie
Reply Thu 15 Mar, 2007 06:11 am
Setanta wrote:
I had thought it was Berlin. Perhaps i can find something online.
berlin and paris are tiny
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darren ernie
Reply Thu 15 Mar, 2007 06:16 am
your cities are very small
Davith wrote:
Mount Isa, NW Queensland Australia is the largest city in the world. Roughly the same size as Switzerland. Fact. Check your .london is bigger than any australian cities by far
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Reply Mon 18 Jun, 2007 09:46 am
largest city in square miles
Your all grabbing at straws. Longest road, sea ports, old cities...etc. Try this one. Calgary,Alberta,Canada has the metropolatian area of 1,963 sq/miles and is growing at a rate of 1 sq/mile per year. Right now it is the fastest growing city in the world.

yee haa
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Reply Sun 12 Aug, 2007 06:01 pm
Okay, I am sure Hawaiians struggle with a little Napoleon Complex, but the fact is you cannot claim oceanic waters as part of geographic territory as they are international waters, after a few miles out. Online inland water and immediate boundary waters can be claimed, so regardless of whether you count all the Hawaiian Islands or merely the few that cannot be claimed by any other counties, they do not constitute the area required.

Though I will say it matters not whether they other major islands are their own counties, because counties CAN be smaller than cities, as witnessed with New York City.
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Reply Wed 15 Aug, 2007 02:19 pm
largest city
The largest city in Europe is actually Rovaniemi in Finland with an area of 8 016,42 km². The population might be tiny with under 60 000 inhabitants but it has the largest land mass of any European city.
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Reply Wed 15 Aug, 2007 02:42 pm
wiki link

(you can sort the chart by area)

Brasilia 14,400 sq km

It seems one of the keys is in the definition of city.
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Reply Thu 17 Jan, 2008 09:53 am
cities by land mass
After a little research the largest city by land mass is the NYC metro area which spreads from New Jersey thru NYC into Connecticut which totals more than 11,800 sq miles.
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darren ernie
Reply Fri 18 Jan, 2008 08:01 am
how can american cities be cities when there add thousands of towns ,there small cities within city boundarys,with no history behind them. london is the world city ,
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