induced permanent magnetic field question

Reply Fri 18 Sep, 2020 03:08 pm
I have housed a pair of nib magnets that are approx. 25cm/1 in apart on a flat surface. I have also laid a metal rod between this pm assembly insulating the rod so it doesn't touch either magnet assembly, with a rubber cushion. Both nib assemblies are in repel. When the rod is between the magnets the rod is magnetic and when I remove the rod the rod is not magnetic. I was always under the impression that in order for a metal rod to be magnetized the rod would have to be moving within that magnetic field or that the magnet would have to physically touch/rub in one direction to become magnetized. which in this instance isn't the case. Please explain.
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Reply Sat 19 Sep, 2020 05:35 pm
I'm not a physicist, but I am in the STEM field. I think that the induced magnetism in the rod is due to the proximity of the other fields. It doesn't have to be moving or touching. Surround a strong magnet with non-magnetic materials and its field extends a ways, so you can then stick a rod next to it (not touching) and that will focus the magnetic field and make it locally stronger than it was without the rod.

I don't know how else to explain it, but it's a thing. Sorry if I wasn't technical enough. I'm on my phone.

Edit, oh yeah, so if you move the metal relative to the magnet, you will induce a current due to the change in flux.

In order to maintain the magnetism after you remove it, you'd have to run it through this field many times. Rubbing is just so you get maximum strength but you don't have to physically touch the other magnet, so that the "iron atoms align" which is all I could find online.
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