Tesla and Einstein

Fri 30 Jun, 2023 11:19 pm
Tesla was not impressed or taken in by Einstein's theories or formulas describing them as mathematical garb.He was right that the world including modern day science was dazzled (and still is) by these formulas.

Tesla adopted full logic with his theories,formulas and inventions that worked.He wouldn't have been able to invent the induction motor otherwise.Einstein's theories on the other hand which are half logic theories are in serious trouble it has to be said.

Even when asked what it was like to be the cleverest person in the world Einsten replied I don't know you had better ask Tesla.

He got that bit right,not much else.

You can't run away from consciousness.You are stuck with it.You can't cancel it.You are totally embroiled within it.

All you can do is balance it.

Tesla would have known this about electromagnetic forces.