Sat 12 Sep, 2020 10:05 am
Nancy and I have been making do with cell phones just above the hand-crank type...and we are thinking of upgrading to smart phones. We've been using Tracfone...mostly because it is cheap. Neither she nor I use our cell phones much, but we really would like more reliable coverage...

...and I would like better picture taking ability. I think having access to the Internet also would be a good thing.

Any comments about preferred phones or plans would be appreciated. Any warnings about what to stay away from would also be welcome.
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Sat 12 Sep, 2020 11:03 am
@Frank Apisa,
Good luck, I doubt I can be of any help.
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Sat 12 Sep, 2020 01:49 pm
@Frank Apisa,
For myself, AT&T has been my provider from the start in 2002. At that time, I looked on the internet for which carrier gave the widest range coverage throughout the U.S. and Canada. They had the largest number of places/areas. There's also was best for reception in areas I tended to be most.

They were AT&T and then Cingular and now back to the AT&T name. During medical excursions I was able to use their rollover minutes too! (all the free time in medical spaces leads to boredom). In 18 years, maybe 10 total dropped calls.

When I went to Smartphone territory, I found a decent plan with them as well. With Wi-Fi secure at home, it doesn't need a huge plan and Wi-Fi is available most places now(although not as secure, so use it wisely...do not put in banking info or other identity theft items).

Have used Samsung smartphones and been quite content. My first was a Galaxy 4 in 2012. One battery upgrade, it still runs well (even after it nearly drowned). Use it for Netflix and YouTube along with moderate internet stuff daily. Usually while its followup phone is recharging. The followup phone is the Galaxy 7 from about November 2016. Still top notch.

If you text, I have no idea what is the best plan. I have never texted and even though AT&T gave me free texting, I asked them to shut it off.

Samsung cameras on the phones seem good. I'm not a good judge on visual stuff, but the photos are clear. Additionally, I've done some ZOOM meetings and the image matters are good.
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Sat 12 Sep, 2020 02:16 pm
@Frank Apisa,
Are you ex-military? There are some great deals out there if you are.
Sat 12 Sep, 2020 02:34 pm
Found this link for two person plan recommendations:

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Sat 12 Sep, 2020 04:56 pm
@Frank Apisa,
I like T-mobile. This is what is important to me.

- I spend a significant amount of time in Mexico and want to have phone service and 4G internet while I am there.

- I want unlimited 4G service that works almost everywhere I go (when I go hiking, I am OK without).

- No other problems (I want to take my phone service for granted with no reason to worry about anything).

I shopped around a while ago. T-Mobile hasn't given me any reason to change.
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Sat 12 Sep, 2020 11:43 pm
Frank Apisa wrote:
Any comments about preferred phones

Samsung if you like Android.

Apple if you like Apple.

Frank Apisa wrote:
Any warnings about what to stay away from would also be welcome.

If you want Apple, wait a month or so.

Apple is just about to release their new models, and anything that you buy right now is probably about to become obsolete.
Sun 13 Sep, 2020 01:18 am
oralloy wrote:

If you want Apple, wait a month or so.

Apple is just about to release their new models, and anything that you buy right now is probably about to become obsolete.

Or wait a month and get a deal on an Apple that isn't the latest model.

Unless you're some super user, it's just marketing to get people to buy the latest thing.

I use Sprint Frank, which has recently merged with TMobile.

I dropped my land line years ago. It was just an unnecessary expense since you always have your cell with you.

Actually, most of my communication with friends is done via text.

It also replaced alarm clocks, reminders, calculator, calendar, camera, checking the weather and a lot of other everyday things.

The only thing I don't do on my phone is make actual purchases. I'm just too leary of that.

I buy a lot of essentials online, but do it when I'm home.

Oh. And TikTok. Gotta have my TikTok.

Sun 13 Sep, 2020 01:42 am
Ive used T mobile and really like it. I asked them for a sample monthly invoice on my plan, so I adjusted my plan down because I do all my internet via hot spot spotting. Its amazing how the world ha become one big wifi center even without password control)

I like my Samsung because the camera is quite color true and megapixels are good for most shots (once again a big race is on). I always carry a Canon.
"Used phones have quite a good after market, when I traded my Samsung & , I got 300$ trade. (and I had a few crack lines on the edges of the screen)

If youre a photographer you still want the capability of your DSLR , but on the spot shoots are unplanned an the phone does really good.

There are a few cameras with phones attached, Ive never looked at those with the 100+megapixels.

PS being an ol fart myself, I had the service assistance at the ol coots center help me set th phone up. Its pretty easy but get help the first time so you dont go nuts in trying to outhink a system that carries its own logic.

My one admonition is to get some window safety gizmos to protect the phone screen till the fully flex screens are universally available.

BTW, Im sending this via a laptop , when I use the phone my patience is worn thin because of the teeny screen.

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Frank Apisa
Sun 13 Sep, 2020 05:58 am
Thank you all...Izzy, Sturgis, Engineer, Max, Chai, Farmerman.

Gotta think things through...and discuss it with Nancy. We more than likely will go for a two line plan.

These are the days where I wish I were more tech knowledgeable.
Sun 13 Sep, 2020 06:17 am
@Frank Apisa,
You need to think about what sort of package you want. I have a pay as you go package with gift gaff that is just for my mobile phone. Other people have packages that include home internet access and cable TV.

You may be like me and just get a phone on its own or you may want to change everything.

Take your time and check everything out.
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