Einstein Frames of Reference illusion

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Reply Sat 18 Jul, 2020 02:59 am
None of this is valid.
Because if you only learned the same errors of the tutors and their tutors, you are no closer to understanding than the common man on the street.
And of course everyone that went through the exact same indoctrination is going to agree with you, (peer review)
You have ASSUMED that what you learn is the correct interpretation.
There is no guarantee.
Next issue, you are not arguing with a "guy on the internet".
The ideas I have regarding Relativity, are largely gathered from a variety of sources, written by actual PhD Physicists, Scientists, Academics, so if you really think you can respond then it will require more than this piss weak
ad hominem attack, combined with a logical fallacy of "Appeal to Authority".

Try answering my questions, but by now we can all see that you just cant.

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