What is the worst Star Wars movie you've seen?

Reply Sun 22 Nov, 2020 03:50 am
When I was coming up, there seemed to be a (mostly) lighthearted little competition between Star Trek fans and Star Wars fans. I’m a dyed in the wool Star Trek guy - as a kid me and my sister would cheer like crazy when we heard the theme from the original series.

So I was skeptical when a buddy and me went to see the first Star Wars movie. He had already seen it, and had loved it so much he was paying for the second time to watch it with me. I was thoroughly underwhelmed by that first movie. I haven’t liked any of the sequels and I certainly don’t get the mania that had people camping out for hours at premieres.

I know there are Star Wars fans who don’t get the enthusiasm that Trekkies have for ‘their’ show. There’s just really no accounting for personal tastes.

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