You Can't be a Killer by Torturing a Cat

Reply Thu 23 Apr, 2020 09:08 am
goldberg wrote:

Really? I have never heard of such things before today. Be frankly, I have never had a chance to get either a cat or a dog. Maybe I could get a cat or a dog one day after moving into a big house. Thanks for enlightening me.

If you plan to get a pet - remember this pet will rely on you for their life . They need daily care - just make sure you have all the details and are ready for this responsibility. They are great companions and I have had pets most of my life, but too many people get a pet and do not realize the care and responsibility needed.
Reply Fri 24 Apr, 2020 04:02 am
Do you think I could be a potential killer after hearing that I once killed goldfish and shrimp for fun?
Day aint over yet.
Reply Fri 24 Apr, 2020 05:29 am
Thanks for the tip. You know what? One of my cousins used to have a beautiful canary. The canary would fly around the glass-encased balcony while my cousin was cleaning up the cage, according to my cousin. And my cousin didn't have to "beseech" the bird to return to the cage because the bird would fly back to the cage afterwards.

Regretfully, her hubby forgot to feed the bird while my cousin was away for a few days. Accordingly, the starving bird flied to another world to sing with Sinatra.
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Reply Fri 24 Apr, 2020 05:32 am
Well, I have to wake up and smell the coffee. Actually, I'd prefer tea over coffee.
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