Happy St. Patrick's Day 2020! Doing anything special for the holiday?

Sun 22 Mar, 2020 12:05 pm
Yes, I hate to admit it but my family held me back. Not going to go into why.

I have been out of art school since the late '90s. I want to go back to school, or at least pursue some other venue, to further my training and get the pro training I want and need but I am long overdo for a professional career.
Sun 22 Mar, 2020 02:33 pm
**** you and your excuses.

Stay to the subject instead of blaming someone or something else.

You can't even stand up like a man and say what you said was inappropriate. What most of the things you post are so out of touch with reality, and about things that no one except someone desparate for attention would write.

You continue to troll by responding this way. I have the strongest belief you are some guy sitting there and getting off on all this, playing stupid, asking questions you know are meaningless, and generally being someone who acts like they have never spoken to a human being.

I'm tired of your bullshit pretending, and now have to listen to "my family held me back".
Like no one else has anything in their lives they had to overcome, work around or otherwise work with.
You're not that skillful in trying to drag me off the subject.

You're a troll, and a creep. You know exactly what you're doing, and **** you.
I speak my mself, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who's tired of your act.
Sun 22 Mar, 2020 05:27 pm
Right. "Excuses." You weren't the one constantly living with a "special needs" relative that you had to help take care of. A person who was constantly creating a toxic, hostile environment, whose lack of reasoning skills was like that of Rain Man. A person we ended up being stuck dealing with because he was kicked out of his work program. His program didn't have any more openings and they weren't going to take him back who a reasons I'm not going to disclose here. Similar programs were shutting down and weren't going to take him for the same reasons. We tried finding an adult day care for him to go to during the day, bit the only ones we could find in our county so far were for young people or for seniors. He is too old for the former and too young for the latter.

I'm glad my sister came and picked him up so he can stay with her and her son. He's not over here where I am aggravating me or trying to tear my house up.

Since he's away and my mom is away I can focus on getting myself together.

Screw off.
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Sun 22 Mar, 2020 05:30 pm
I did nothing wrong by asking if your husband was a man of God or not before he passed. If he was Saved you have nothing to worry about. I was trying to be nice by showing some concern for your husband.

My dad did some disgusting, horrible things that hurt me and my family. I'm glad God cleaned him up and he got right with God before he passed. I forgave him. I have to.

I bless you.
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Sun 22 Mar, 2020 06:45 pm
You think I'm a creep? I'm not going to tell you what my older sister tried to do the day she came to pick my brother up and called police paramedics to have my mother escorted to a nearby hospital against her wishes, or what my sister tried to do after that.

I am glad my sister called 911 to have my mom put in intensive care. Doctors said if my sister didn't do that my mom could have died.

I recall about two decades ago some old neighbors of mine calling me a "creep" in person. You're not the first person to try to label me as such.
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