Jojo Rabbit

Reply Sun 15 Mar, 2020 12:47 am
Here is a YouTube clip:


The hand grenade scene. Great!

In the first few seconds of this clip, Jojo is running through the woods shouting "Jojo Rabbit! Jojo Rabbit!" then ... he adds something to his shouting.

What is he saying? Can anyone hear it well enough to say?

Then (imaginary) Hitler runs beside him shouting "Hey -- this is amazing!" And then ... seemingly surprised and happy, he makes a remark to Jojo. What is he saying at this point?

It's probably clear to most viewers but it entirely escapes me. I want to use this clip (adding Jojo's recovery from the grenade explosion) for my next school PowerPoint. But I need to tell the students what is being said...
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Reply Sun 15 Mar, 2020 03:35 am

Reply Sun 15 Mar, 2020 06:23 am
Wow thanks! I never knew the script was out on line, and now the words make sense.

Many thanks!
Reply Sun 15 Mar, 2020 04:40 pm
I love Hitlers little running dance in that.
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Reply Sun 15 Mar, 2020 06:14 pm
I get to use it tomorrow (school is back in session here, full classes as scheduled, let's see how long that lasts).

Here's generally how my presentations go:

Slide 1 -- some moving gif that catches the attention of the class, usually a repeating loop, then greetings, day, date, weather.

Slide 2 -- movie posters in Japanese and English for the film clip used today. I included a Japanese title box that states "This movie is an anti-hate satire."

Slide 3 -- Intro to characters in this clip, photos from IMDB or snagged off the clip.

Slide 4-5 -- explanation of backstory particular to this clip (in simple English, with Japanese if needed.

Slide 4:

Jojo is a ten-year-old boy in Germany
during World War 2.

He joined “Hitler’s Youth”,
a big association (協会) of young people
who want to make Germany great.

He is called “Jojo Rabbit”
because he is as timid as a rabbit.

Slide 5:

Jojo admires Adolf Hitler.
Hitler is also Jojo’s imaginary friend.

Imaginary Hitler
behaves like a ten-year-old boy.

Jojo wants to show Imaginary Hitler
how brave he is.

Slides 6-17 are the video clip (about 2 minutes long), Q&A slides (multiple choice) with answers via "reveal photos" to illustrate correct answers or shorter extracted clips of about 5 or 10 seconds from the main clip to show the correct answers, and a final "goodbye" clip of some humorous gif I back with music and a silly sounding "Bye bye" at the end before fade-out.

Everything safe and age-appropriate. In the scene where the grenade lands at Jojo's feet, and he and Hitler say "Sh*t!", I beep that word out.
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