World Uprisings -- Iraq Report + Hong Kong Message

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October 24, 2019

With all the revolutionary uprisings in the world now it might seem it couldn't get any more chaotic, but it will be in December 2019 -- i.e. very adverse world conditions, with a disappointing turn of events around Christmas, just after December 18 !

I can't predict exactly where the serious problems will manifest, but I'm guessing Iraq will be one place.


One hundred and ten protestors have been killed and 6,000 wounded. There is a communications blackout that still persists after a return to calm. Trumplike spiritually crippled Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi announced 3 days of mourning for those killed. Iraqi President Barham Salih condemned the attacks on both protestors and the media, and "Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani gave the Iraqi government a two-week deadline to find out which "undisciplined elements" had used snipers to shoot demonstrators, in an apparent reference to the Iran-backed militias who are accused of a role in the crackdown". [ https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/10/iraq-protests-latest-updates-191004085506824.html ]


Regarding the ongoing democracy-autocracy political uprising at the second global revolution front in Hong Kong (the forefront is the corporate "Nazi" vs indigenous people and environment conflict in the Amazon), I can only comment on the cycles of the U. S. and China (CCP). Cyclic conditions now are unsettled and worrying, with much happening under the surface for both the CCP and the United States, who are both in the same cycle.

Conditions for both China and the U. S. from January 2020 to July 18, 2020 will be "up in the air", generally adverse, and "nerve wracking". Anything new started by either will fail. If China tries to storm Hong Kong in this 6 1/2 month period their effort will fail, and they may also be surrounded by as many as 5 million Hongkongers, as 75% of the 7 million people in Hong Kong support the protest.

After July 18, 2020, however, Hongkongers will have to be on high alert if Winnie the Xi and all his friends in the hundred acre wood feel determined to try some new trick. Winnie will have felt quite frustrated, with nothing but a year of biting his paws and making pots of honey disappear.

Also after July 18, 2020, after over a year of protests, U. S. ideas and matters that have been "up in the air" will start to settle and become manifest. If the U. S. is really destined to act, at this time a U. S. effort or coalition led by Nancy Pelosi might decide that the best thing for the democracy loving Hongkongers is the protection of the United States.

Hongkongers, take heart in the Number meaning of your city name, which is:

happy-go-lucky optimism and cleverness expressed through determination, independence and strength.

In addition to Bruce Lee's Taoist aphorism "Be like water", Hongkongers generally have, like Bruce, a definite figurative or literal capacity to perform a thorough ass kicking as required.

Lastly, here's the inspiring video of 82-years-young Hong Kong hero, Uncle Wong:


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