Nature and human rights protest, Sep 20 2019

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September 20, 2019

It suits me fine that my "spiritual leader" is 16-year-old Greta Thunberg. She and I will never meet, but only that which is within is important. I work "alongside" all the "doomed leaders" (we are all doomed), as the most doomed, and significantly, because of the doomed masses who cannot ever handle my Truth, the most solitary being on earth. I'm only doomed with respect to the whole, as even though I'm "SO different", as my wife says, I am one with all, and though personally I am the most blessed of beings, I'm going down with all of you, not confronting the evil directly by "putting my body on the line", but condemning the Earth's parasitical Nazis/nazis and pointing out The Way of Life with The Word, the greatest power there is.

The vast majority of you are lower case "nazis" or Nazi victims. My definition of Nazi is very broad, and it -- in evoking the image of the cruelty and genocidal lunacy of WW2 Germans -- aptly evokes the inevitable horror of our mass extinction due to greed and the rape of Nature. However, nazi victims (those who support or work for Nazis) are ONE with Nazi degenerates; therefore most of you are despicable degenerates yourselves. I have unknowingly been such a monster myself most of my life.

Awesomely, I have Nazi degenerates to thank for my recent awakening to Life -- to realizing what is truly important, which is the basic innocence and purity of Life Itself. I blindly trusted in the system most of my life, and finally received my "rude awakening to the reality of Life". I won't relate my story of being a victim of crime here, because it is only one of the signs of our approaching end. In the context of this "protest piece" I must speak of solutions, of doing the right thing on as large a scale as possible as we all go down to our doom. The courage to work for the right regardless of the outcome is similar to the courage required to take the time to give the body the exercise it needs despite the fact that the fast approaching end of many of the more blessed is to not even be able to lift one's head off one's pillow.

What Christ said I also say, which is, in paraphrase: "I am not come to bring you peace, but a sword", the latter meaning The Word, Logos, Absolute Truth. My wife knows well that I am here to figuratively "murder" you all if I can. More precisely, to compel you with Truth to figuratively "kill" yourselves, which esoterically means the death of the ego (or spiritual awakening) referred to by Mohammed in his "Die before you die", and in The Tibetan Book of the Dead or Bardo Thodol.

I'm reminded of the social media rebuke, "Kill yourself, loser", which roughly translates to 'You're already fucked, you hopeless nazi, so do everybody a favor and just finish yourself off. It doesn't matter if you commit fast or slow suicide, because not one person who matters will care. Your spiritually dead "friends" or enemies both will just laugh -- it's their role or "perverted karmic responsibility" or "work of the Devil" to kill you if you don't do it first'. I wouldn't say things like this to any of The Dead; I wouldn't talk to them at all; but I can enjoy interpreting the truth in virtually anything. Only one of The Dead can spout such rebuke to someone in person. That doesn't mean there isn't some inherent truth in what one of the Dead says, because there usually is. The Dead can also know good and evil, but cannot exemplify the good they are conscious of because they are eternally damned.

Christ knew the Truth would cause family members (father and son, etc.) to fight with each other; that the Word would cause families to break up, with the implication being that races and countries would also go to war. The essential reason for that war at a number of levels is that most of us are evil, ignorant and stupid. A "wise" fool knows that the wicked are "cut down like the grass" -- mostly by each other, as the ignorant are the agents of their own and others' bad karma. Our stupidity or moral retardation ensures the masses of endless misery and death in many and awesome ways: "God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform". More accurately, God "delegates the elimination of the evil to Satan".

The true hippies knew that people had to drop out of the system because it was too corrupt. They were advising a revolution that only a few disciplined visionaries could support because the commitment to changing one's life was too great for the vast majority, who are the compliant victims of Nazis (or, currently, capitalist/corporate fascists). These victims are the robotic masses; figuratively, the vast black herds of The Dead, growling and shoving each other as they go down into the mouth of hell to find their permanent residency in hell on earth during their lifetime. However, in their minds they see themselves as socially approved and economically advantaged people with a great future. The Great Beast or The Great Brainwashed, they know, see and hear nothing of the real world, the world of Love, Reason, and Justice, known as "The Kingdom of Heaven". On the world scene, the most tragic of these Dead are China's fascist CCP victims who think they are on top of the world if they have a high social credit score. They are the Brave New Damned, who either know nothing of the horrific atrocities in their country, or even worse, put out of their mind all that peace of mind threatening and unpleasantly scowl producing rubbish. Talk about damnation !

Perhaps I do get a bit carried away, but it's all absolutely true, and if any of you is unaware of or doesn't care about the human rights abuses everywhere, you are JUST AS DAMNED and UTTERLY PATHETIC as the referenced Chinese robots. To those who think "Luxin, Mr. Cranky, you're making me feel uncomfortable -- I'm a human being" I say: You are NOT a human being, but are a subhuman being or monster fully worthy of being despised to the end of your days by anyone with any decency. You deserve to have "the wicked scinger of forn" pointed at you by stiffly horrified 4-year-olds or dismissed en masse by Greta Thunberg as useless to the real world.

You're part of the problem if you are a morally crippled Nazi/nazi doing unethical work for yourself or as a leader or employee of a large corporation, government or corporate farm; any institution like a hospital; airline; any military or police organization (esp. any using guns); established religion, spiritual organization or guru (all evil); "humanitarian" organization (egoistic rubbish); a doctor, lawyer or other false authority; a politician or media representative; comedian ... of course, all legal and spiritual criminals ... the list must be endless. The good in you is invalidated if you work in the vast realm of Nazism. Do not deceive yourselves that your lives have value!

You politicians, media reps and comedians -- no matter how principled, truthful, or funny you may be -- only serve to promote the fantasy that the world of politics and politicians is real and trustable. I'm a fan of yours, Stephen Colbert, but your life is a waste unless a good chunk of your wealth is spent on environmental protection, especially land or ecosystem restoration. The same goes for all the rest of you comedians, who see the injustices and madness so clearly but mainly just talk about it. Thanks for the entertainment, but that's just not good enough.

Billionaires like Jeff Bezos (114 billion), enormous, parasitical abusers of humanity who wouldn't dream of actually helping the thousands of poor migrants just trying to find a life in which they aren't murdered by buying them some land to try becoming self-sufficient and proud farmers or land restoration workers are the chief Nazis on this planet. Does Bezos or any of these parasites (with the possible exception of Bill Gates?) ever think of what their fate might be? No, because they're stupid and locked into their bad karma, and Nature or Karma's retribution will not be pretty, to say the least. I never advocate killing, but I know the Great Beast, and it never fails that prolonged injustice invariably compels ordinary people to become a murderous mob. Does history mean anything to wealthy morons who seem to think they are gods?

Don't just praise Greta and her crew for their admirable dedication, but DO YOUR PART in at least trying to postpone our extinction. Now and in the days to come, the only people who will be remembered as worth anything are people who ACT on their convictions, without trying to justify inaction on the basis of our inevitable doom anyway. These times are when everyone on earth will either prove themselves to be in one camp or the other: HUMAN BEINGS or MONSTERS. We are now being naturally separated into two groups just as at "judgment day": the righteous and the damned.

As a victim of crime I was compelled to become a farmer. It's just a largish back yard operation, but my work may prevent my starvation. I am truly thankful for the Nazis and nazis who compelled this change by showing me the truth of "Trust no man". I've always been a Nature man, so my experience has allowed me to become more of my True Self.

In my own way I am working in solidarity with Greta and all the Nature activists, who are also, as Amnesty head Kumi Naidoo pointed out, human rights activists.
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