Which job should I choose?

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I've been trying to work as a freelancer for 6 now. I wanted this to be my main job because working from home is very comfortable. After 6 years of trials, I currently receive $20 a month only!

Now, I have to options:

1. I can work for a company that is near my home. It'll give me a salary to live poor to moderate life. But it'll save me some time to do sports daily, plat computer games, watch movies, learn English and graphics, and continue my hopeless freelancing journey and taking care of other things.

2. I can work for a company that is too far from my home. Most of the time is wasted due to long commuting time. Routine will greatly affect my life (wake up -> go to work -> goto home -> eat quickly and keep to get up early to go to work). The salary will make me live a good or maybe rich life. I'll be affected psychologically and physically (I'll have constant fatigue).

I'm a youth (24 years old). I don't wanna waste my life collecting money only. For me, money is not a goal. Money is just a method to live happily. I'm like: When I become and old man, I'll be rich but I'll have no heath to enjoy all that money!

My parents, friends, and people who love me say: Go for it. It's a good chance to be rich. You're still young and you need to earn money before you loose your health.

BTW, I don't have an intention to get married. I just wanna enjoy my free-of-responsibility life. I'll not need much money to feed children.
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Are there affordable apartments near the higher-paying job? If so, perhaps you could move so that you can take the better job without having a long commute.
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@Michael George,
When comparing jobs, you always have to include travel time when comparing the hourly rate of pay.

And not just travel time, there can be many other ways that job can take your time.... Remember, its the overall number of hours the job takes away from you, that you are selling, not the number of hours they pay you for.

So it is the overall number of hours divided by the salary which gives you the 'true' hourly rate of pay. In such an equation its quite possible for the lower paying salary to be paying you more per hour of 'overall' time you give for that job.
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Michael George
Reply Wed 10 Apr, 2019 08:09 am
Your replies are valuable for me. Thank you,
There's still one more thing I'd like to know. Should I work hard and earn a lot of money or enjoy my life by working for a company with lower effort and lower income?
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@Michael George,
For number two – is it just the commute that is the issue? If so you are 24 now – an adult – it would make sense to move out on your own – find an apartment closer to work so you are not wasting your time commuting. If the rent is high – find a roommate to share expenses. That is what I did at 24.

I am assuming both these jobs are full time hours – which as an adult you should have including other benefits an adult needs. This is even for those adults that do not want or have a need to be rich. You should be putting yourself in a position to independent.. not relying on your parents. So you would need health benefits, putting away money for when you do want to retire – this may be great for you where it seems your monetary expectations are small. If you live moderately you could retire young. I had a boss who retired in his low 40s. Just remember you will need money to retire unless you want to work when you are 60, 70 , 80. It has nothing to do with living an elaborate live style but keeping a roof over your head and supporting yourself completely.

Michael George wrote:

There's still one more thing I'd like to know. Should I work hard and earn a lot of money or enjoy my life by working for a company with lower effort and lower income?

It depends on how much harder you need to work --- and how much less the income is --- you do need to weigh both because if you are working so many hours you cannot enjoy the money you earn then what good is it? And the flip side if you earn so low - you will never be independent and will have to work your entire life.

You should also look towards what is the future potential at each of these jobs. Say for instance the higher paying job - you can never move up earn more money basically will pretty much stay the same. Whereas this lower paying job has huge potential - a year from now if you show yourself you get a raise maybe a promotion. You could end up earning more long run in the lower paying job.

Also which do you like more? Is one more engaging and interesting?

Which company has more perks? Does the lower paying job, say have free lunches every day? Have bonuses? Tuition reimbursement?

There is so much more to a job than just the pay.
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