We are mental artists by nature

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My Mentally Inspired Tunes And Their Unrealized Greatness

I think people who no know nothing about how music works can create great music in their minds. I think creating great music in our minds is a natural ability, no different than naturally expressing our love, joy, hate, and sorrow. Since music is an expression of our love, joy, etc., this means music is a natural expression and that's why we can naturally create great music in our minds.

Also, if a therapist asked someone to envision a beautiful landscape he's never seen before (something of his own creation), then he'd have the ability to do that even though he has no artistic training and education. This shows our brains are naturally capable of creating great works of art in our heads. I believe I'm creating awesome, catchy melodies in my head despite being a complete beginner to the art of composing.

I've replicated the exact notes and rests to these melodies I hear in my head and I've shared these melodies to others online. But they've said they're awful, nothing good, and nothing catchy. I think they are great and people don't realize this yet since they're not fully crafted works of art. If you just create a melody and share it, that's not enough. You need to make a fully crafted melody by adding in all the proper chords, beat, harmony, etc. to go along with that melody.

Only then should the power, greatness, and meaning of my melodies be successfully conveyed to the audience. So, yes, at this point, my melodies might sound like awful, meaningless, rubbish. But, once I fully craft them, I think you'll find yourself quite surprised. I think people would realize I had a musical gift all along and they'd find themselves regretting the insults, name calling, and doubts they've had about me. One of my melodies is named "Distant Future." I think it conveys profound meaning and emotion. The scene it conveys would be someone at a distant time period or galaxy.

It's a very bizarre, interesting melody. Sure, the melody might seem simplistic, repetitive, and predictable. But even simple works of art can be something great and profound. An artwork doesn't have to be the complex craft of an artistic mastermind in order for it to be something great. For example, there are already simple, catchy tunes out there that are great. Haven't you ever heard of one? I'm quite sure you have. An example would be the Frosted Flakes tune which has the lyrics: "Frosted Flakes are more than good. They're great!"

I think I'm creating great, catchy melodies like this. Except, some of my melodies convey something completely different and some of them are powerful, dark, and bizarre. Like I said though, I have yet to fully craft these melodies. I'm currently learning music lessons on youtube so I can learn how to fully craft them. But, even if I do fully craft them and people still tell me they're meaningless rubbish, then there are 2 possibilities. The 1st would be that my music really is great and some people can't appreciate it.

There are people who can't appreciate great art. For example, some people would say Michael Jackson's music isn't that good because some of his melodies are too simplistic. I think his music is great and some people can't appreciate it. There are many people who do appreciate his music though. Another example would be the Super Mario theme song. Some people would say it's dull and repetitive while I think it's great and catchy. So, the audience isn't always right and discerning in their judgments.

The 2nd possibility would be that my music really was nothing great and never conveyed the emotion/scenes I described. If that's the case, then I'd find that quite frustrating because I want to create music that's truly good and expresses the scenes and emotion I want to express. I don't want to be creating rubbish that I just think is great. There's also another melody I've made I want to talk about and it's a very beautiful, catchy, memorable tune. It sounds like something you'd hear during a wedding.

I add lyrics to it. Sure, they might not be great lyrics. But I think the melody itself is great. The lyrics are on the music sheet. I add lyrics to convey what each part of the melody expresses. The fact I know what each part of the melody expresses means I have a vision of this melody which means I know how I'm supposed to fully craft the melody. As I said before, my melodies aren't fully crafted. I'm going to explain to you now what each part expresses.

The first part is a statement where it goes "Bum bum bum this is love. Bum bum bum we are one." The second part builds up in tension since it's about to finish off. It's an incomplete sentence which is: "Don't you see that..." Then it finishes off with an exclamatory question which would be "You are in my dreams?!" Lastly, this tune starts on a C chord, ends on a C chord, and is in the key of C major.

I also reverse this melody and it, to me, conveys something even more beautiful. It conveys a deeper, beautiful meaning. I love the reversed version better than the forward version. To conclude this packet, if far more people say my fully crafted melodies are great than there are people saying they're rubbish, then I think that says my music really was great and some people can't appreciate it.

But, if far more people are saying it's rubbish, then I think that says my music really was rubbish. The thing is, I don't know the truth as to whether my my melodies are great and will convey the scenes I describe once they're fully crafted. All I have is my own personal judgments to go by. I can only judge my tunes based upon what I personally think they are and I have no way of knowing if my assessments are right or not.

Update: I'd actually like to say another thing here. I've been learning music theory lessons on youtube and I've watched some videos so far. However, these music lessons cover technical aspects regarding music such as scales, chords, key signatures, the circle of 5ths, etc. But, these lessons do not tell you how to create music that conveys the meaning and scenes you want to convey. Sure, they might explain to you that, if you want to create a melody or song that conveys a happy feeling, to put it in a major scale.

But, how would you create a happy tune that expresses someone having fun on a sunny day as opposed to a happy tune that expresses someone coming along and showing kindness? You see, there's more to creating music than just having the happiness and sorrow (i.e. the major and minor scales). You must choose the proper notes and rests for your melodies as well. For example, the Super Mario theme song is in the key of C major since it's a cheerful theme.

But, how did the creator of the theme (Koji Kondo) know what notes and rests to choose for the theme so that it conveys what he wanted it to convey? I admit, it's a catchy theme and it's his choice of notes and rests that made it so great and catchy. I know I said earlier that we can naturally create such great, catchy tunes and themes in our heads. But, just in case my tunes really are rubbish even when they're fully crafted, then I need to know how to choose a series of notes and rests to convey what I want to convey and to make my melodies great.

You see, if I learned the techniques of how to paint, then it would be quite obvious to me what I'm supposed to paint in order to convey the meaning and emotion I want to convey. For example, if I wanted to convey something mystical, then I'd paint some fairies, rainbows, glitter, etc. But, when it comes to making music, I'd have no idea what series of notes and rests I'm supposed to choose to convey what I want to convey. It wouldn't be obvious to me. I'd just be choosing a series of notes and rests I think conveys the power and meaning I describe when it really doesn't. Hopefully though, I am choosing a series of notes and rests in my mind that make my melodies great and convey what I describe.

Brief Q&A Section

Other Person's Response: Do you think the series of notes and rests you've chosen make your melodies convey what you describe? If so, then that's all that's needed. You're the artist and, if you think your melodies will convey the emotion/scenes you describe, then you just need to fully craft those melodies and you should be all set!

My Reply: I do think so. But, what if I fully craft those melodies and people tell me they're nothing great and don't convey what I describe at all? If this is the case, then I wouldn't actually know how to choose a series of notes and rests that convey what I want to convey and make my music great. I'd just think I know when I really didn't. I wish to create music that conveys what I want to convey to the audience. I don't want to be creating music that just conveys certain meaning to me.

Other Person's Response: I have no answer for the question you've posed in your Update because there really is no answer to it. That's something that can't be taught. It's just called being an artist. If you really don't know how to do that and you just think you know, then I think you lack life experience. When you go out into the world and experience more, then you'll know how to create music that truly moves, inspires, and motivates people. You will know how to create the music you want to create.

My Reply: This doesn't really make sense to me. What exactly is it I'm supposed to be learning or experiencing besides going on youtube and learning music lessons? Furthermore, how would this help me know the notes and rests I'm supposed to choose to convey the power and meaning I want to convey?

I'm just not seeing the connection here. If you're implying that I need to learn more things about music in the real world that I can't learn on youtube or from other online sources, then it would make sense to me. But, if all you're telling me is that I need to go out into the world more and experience more, then that makes no sense to me.

Other Person's Response: Here's my personal view. I don't think you have what it takes. You have no talent and should give up composing right now. I don't think you have what it takes for any greater value system either. For you, your positive emotions are the only things that make your life beautiful and worth living. That just might be the way it is for you.

My Reply: Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to learn what I need to learn to fully craft my melodies. If people tell me they do convey what I describe and that they're great, then that would be awesome. That says I really had a talent all along people didn't realize. But, if I realize they were rubbish when I fully craft them, then I'll do whatever I need to do to create the good music I want to create.

If nothing works, then I'm officially done with composing and I'll go back to my previous hobby (which was playing video games). I've always been good at playing video games. As for my value system, if I ever lose my positive emotions and can't sufficiently or fully regain them, then I'll do my best to change my value system. I can't promise anything though.

Other Person's Response: I heard some autistic people are savants and you say you have autism. But that doesn't mean you're a savant.

My Reply: That could be so. But, still, maybe having autism does give me an upper hand when it comes to creating music in my head because I think the melodies I'm creating in my head are awesome.

Other Person's Response: Only savants can naturally create great works of art in their minds and there are few savants.

My Reply: You don't need to be a savant to naturally create great works of art in your mind. A great example of this would be dreams and drug trips because your brain will create whole new, amazing works of art for you with no effort at all. You just witness the artwork during your dream or drug trip. This is yet another example of how our brains naturally create great works of art.

Other Person's Response: I think you're talking nonsense! Our brains don't naturally create great works of art whether it be through dreams, drug trips, or any other method!

My Reply: Haven't you ever had a dream of any given environment or scene that you never witnessed before? I bet you have. For example, you could dream of a scene in Harry Potter that never happened such as Harry opening up a portal and flying in a futuristic, technological, city. This shows our brains do have this natural capability to create great artwork.

I, myself, had a dream of a labyrinth version of my old home. My old home became a beautiful, complex, work of art in this dream. I think our brains can create much more complex, amazing works of art through dreams and drug trips than our normal, waking life because perhaps certain mental processes are being more dedicated towards these astonishing tasks.

Other Person's Response: You say we have dreams where we witness things we've never witnessed before.

My Reply: Yes. We have these dreams and nightmares all the time. For example, you could witness one of your family members doing something they've never did in reality.

Other Person's Response: Let me say something that's a bit off topic. It seems to me you want to give up on researching and trying to discover the truth such as to whether vaccines are harmful or not, whether there's an afterlife or not, etc. Why is that?

My Reply: It's just something I'm no good at and I'm better off giving up on it. I'm no good at comprehending certain material, rational/skeptical thinking, etc. If someone was a basketball player and he was no good at it even after much practice and training, then the players would tell him to just give up. I think it would be better for that person to give up. I also don't drive a car because I don't think I'll have what it takes no matter how much practice and effort I put into it.

Also, it will be nothing but frustration and that's another reason why I don't even bother. That's why I have to rely on others to drive me around such as my mother or grandmother. Another thing is my value system because I don't think I have what it takes to obtain greater values in my life. To put me in a position where I lose my happy emotions and have to live my life by greater values would be a very frustrating moment.

It would be no different than someone who's no good at basketball being expected to be a good basketball player. I don't think I'm any good when it comes to living my life by greater values and, thus, I don't want to be put in a position where upgrading my value system is necessary. That's why I prefer to just live my life by the values I already have. In short, I'm just no good at anything and that's why I prefer to be the way I am. However, there's one thing I wish to persevere in and that would be composing.

I'm learning music lessons online by watching youtube videos. I also take the exams that are presented after each set of lessons. I'm failing these exams despite all the music lessons I'm watching. Yes, I do listen to all the lessons very carefully and I thought I understood them. But, apparently, I'm still failing the exams. Nonetheless, I'll still go through with my composing dream and, hopefully, I'll end up creating some good music. Music is very profound to me and that's why I'm continuing with my composing dream.

Other Person's Response: If someone decided for you as to whether vaccines are harmful or not or whether there's an afterlife, would you know?

My Reply: No, I wouldn't. This is because it's a debate and I can't decide on debates. Each person has their own decision and I don't know whether their decision is the truth or not.

Other Person's Response: I think I know why you're not giving up on your composing dream and it's because you believe you're creating awesome music in your head that the world doesn't realize is awesome yet. You think you have a natural talent other people don't realize yet.

My Reply: Correct. Now, if I discover later on I never had this talent and my mentally inspired music was rubbish all along, that's when I'll consider giving up because I'd realize I was never any good at making music. I'll do whatever I can to create the good music I want to create though. But I'll give up if I'm just no good at it.

Other Person's Response: It all makes sense to me. When you think you already have an ability (in your case, a musical talent), you don't give up. But, when you don't have an ability, you tend to give up.

My Reply: Correct.

Other Person's Response: It would be lovely if you were born as a person who was good at everything. That way, you wouldn't have to go through all this frustration and wanting to give up.

My Reply: I agree.

Other Person's Response: I don't think you should give up on your composing dream.

My Reply: When American Idol singers thought their singing was great, just to find out how awful their singing was, the judges sometimes tell them they don't have what it takes and to not even bother trying to improve. That's their way of saying they should just give up. I'm not sure if I'm like one of those awful singers. I don't wish to sing. The point I'm trying to make is that I might be making awful music and I might be better off giving up.

Other Person's Response: Is there another reason why you don't drive?

My Reply: Yes. I have no control over my emotions and I'd be quite frantic if I was driving out on the road. Another thing is that I'm a special needs person. I can do things such as going inside a store and getting certain items. But I can't do things such as driving a vehicle or other such demanding tasks.

Other Person's Response: How much knowledge and life experience do you have?

My Reply: I have no understanding whatsoever of life or any given subject. But I still go out every once in a while. I go to the gym and walk on the treadmill. I also drive with my mother to different places. The previous hobby I lived for was playing video games. I just lived my whole life having fun playing video games.
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