threathens to call police or have sex

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few days ago some friend of mine asked me and my girlfriend to come to some pub and hang out with her co-worker(higher position than hers). she said there would be no trouble that she knows him well enough and only needs someone to hang out. We didnt want it very much but she was begging so we went there. So forward to that morning our friend who called us said she has to go to her work and my girlfriend started to pass out. There was 5 guys stayed with us and i started to panic because my girlfriend was totally passed out and one of the guys insisted to let her stay in some hotel room until she wakes up. Remember that he keeps giving her more alcohol right before she was passing out. Total idiot me believed that **** person(he was totally polite until then) and entered that hotel room with him. I believed that our friend who left would come back and thought maybe it is better for my passed out girlfriend to sleep for a few ours. So when we came to that hotel room his real face started to show up. He started to touch me and my girlfriend inappropriate ways so i started to get angry at him telling him go away from us. After that he suddenly reached out his phone and started to call the police and show us some badge to my face(i dont know if that was real or not but he totally has connection to police, and we are 3rd world country so connection is everything) that we have drugs and that my girlfriend passed out because she used weed(lol). We had weed yes but that was not because she was passed out.We didnt use it that night we just had a little. Our drug law is very though i can hear that police was really coming to our way. I started to panic and begged him to let them stop and he asked for sexual relation instead. I said i would rather die than that but i was keep asking him not to let to police come. He finally decided cancel that call after a lot of threathening, but after that he tried to have sex with my girlfriend instead. He said he want to meet my girlfriend for 5 minutes but she cant even stand on feet. So i called out a hotel maiden that he's trying to rape her so finally that hotel kicked us out. When we went out he took my friend's phone and wouldnt give it back and keeps on threathening to come to another hotel room to stay with him. Otherwise give us to police of course, so we went in he drank for about an hour and passed out. I dragged my friend out from that place and ran to my home. There was lots of small details left out but i tried to explain the main things. My question is what if he tries to keep threaten us to have sex with him? Blackmail or threathens us through anything what should we do? We threw out that weed of course and we will not use it again but if he finds us again would we have trouble? It was the most scary **** that happened to me Sad
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He has nothing on you. He also has no authority. Cops, if called, would have smelled liquor on his breath, too.

If this loser tries to blackmail you, go to the cops and tell them what you told us. Possession/use of weed, in a lot (but not all) of the US is a misdemeanor if it's charged at all. Rape is a felony. You may not think so, but you are in a far better position than he is.

If it concerns you, contact a criminal lawyer in your jurisdiction and ask what you can do/tell them your story. Be prepared to pay an hourly rate for the privilege. But at least you'll know, and will have someone to turn to in case things get ugly.

And FYI, while individual police officers and other persons in authority might take bribes and threaten blackmail, that is not our culture. Connections or not (and I think he was bullshitting you anyway, and preying on your ignorance), he can't just call the cops and have them waltz in and arrest you unless there is a reasonable suspicion that you've done something wrong.
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