Can you help me answer some questions about using the word “The”?

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I. In the following sentences, I know that I should repeat "they", "they", "she", "he" and "it" instead of using "the " in the second part. But can I use 'the + noun' if I introduce something using the verb "be" then talk about it with the second sentence directly following the first, not later on, and can the hearer understand that "the + noun" mean "the noun I called it earlier"? Ex:

1 This is a letter. The letter is written in spanish. (Does "The letter" mean "the letter I called it earlier"?)

2 It is a box. The box is red. I will open the box and … (Does "The box" mean "the box I called it earlier"?)

3 That is a thief. The thief is tied to a post by a rope. (Does "The thief" mean "the thief I called they earlier"?)

4 They are doctors but the doctors are not kind. (Does "The doctors" mean "the doctors I called they earlier"?)

5 They are slaves, and the slaves are mine. (Does "The slaves" mean "the slaves I called they earlier"?)

6 She is a slave, and the slave is mine. (Does "The slave" mean "the slave I called they earlier"?)

7 He is a doctor but the doctor is not kind. (Does "The doctor" mean "the doctor I called they earlier"?)

II. And when I use the other verbs, not the verb "be", so are they grammatically correct and natural? Ex:

8 I got a present. The present is a cat. I will give John the cat.

9 I bought a ball yesterday. The ball is red. When I kicked the ball, the ball flew over the fence.

10 She is biting an apple. The apple seems very rigid.
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Reply Wed 24 Oct, 2018 04:23 am
This is the letter which is wtitten in Spanish.
I will open the red box.
That is the thief who is tied to a post by a rope.
They are doctors who lack kindness.
They are slaves whom I own.
She is a slave whom I own.
He is a doctor who lacks kindness.
All correct but not natural because a single sentence will do.
I gave John the cat which I got (received) as a present.....etc.

You need to learn about adjectival clauses.
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Reply Wed 24 Oct, 2018 12:58 pm
In all of the examples in part I, it is understood that you are referring to the objects and people in the first sentences.

All of the sentences in part II are grammatical and natural.
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