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I’m a 16-year-old and I’ve been being abused for about 5 years and have just within the last few months realized that I’m being abused. I’m gonna run away there’s no way to stop me and I actually have about 4–5 questions

can a 16-year-old enroll himself in high school

how long till nobody recognizes me from an amber alert

should I go to my trusted friend/adult (who i feel won’t snitch me out) after I get out

will I get hired anywhere

can I go back to my school after a week
I’m suspended and have 4 more day’s to go but then i was thinking maybe I should wait a week before going back to school
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Running away is dangerous and never ends well. As a 16 year old, you need responsible adults in your life. You are going to need money, safety and advice. Teenagers on their own are often victimized.

There are better solutions that you can try.

- I don't know the details of your situation. If you are in immediate danger of serious physical or sexual abuse, you can go to the police.

- There is almost certainly a counselor at your school. You can talk to them and find out about resources.

- You can Google for "Family Services" in your area and you can call them. They will have resources.

- You can talk to a doctor.

In any of these situations you will be given a case worker who will look after your interest. They will no more about the resources available and the options open to you. You are old enough that you can tell them what is happening and they will believe you.

You should definitely find an adult you can trust, and there are professionals who you can talk to.

Remember that in two years you will be a legal adult... but that these two years are important. It sounds like you know that high school is important, the best way forward is to get in contact with the people who can help you.
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Best if you go somewhere safe - and be sure your mother knows where you are. A friend’s house, relative? If you don’t let her know, she might call the cops, they will be looking for you and that would cause a lot of stress for you.

Use the school officials. If you feel that you have been abused, tell a counselor.

( Is this abusing person your mother’s BF - the one who you keep hearing voices abiut, telling you to attack him?)
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yes he is the one they talk about, and yes he is the one abusing everyone but my mom and my baby brother
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If there is violence, you can call the police. In an emergency, you can do that. Or else you should definitely get a counselor either from school, or from an agency, or from a doctor (you could even walk into an emergency room).

Any of these things is better than running away. There are resources available to you that you can use without putting yourself at risk. You just have to get connected with them.

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he emotionally abuses me and physically abuses my brother do you know if I can go live with like my friend's mom/ my second family LEGALLY
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To do something legally, you need to get services from the state. There is a set process for this, the state government will assign you a social worker. I strongly suggest that you do this for both you and for your brother.

Since you are 16, you have more options (you only have 2 years until you are a legal adult). Even after you are an adult, make sure you have counseling services... coming from an abusive family is tough on anyone.

Social workers have the legal ability to do things like get you a safe place to live, investigate the situation for your brother, make sure you can go to high school, provide any medical care or counseling, and help figure out if you can stay with your friends mom. You really need a social worker. You can find the State Department of Social Services yourself and say you and your brother are being abused.

Sometimes it is easier to find another counselor first ... social workers are often overworked (be patient) there aren't enough of them. That is why I suggest a school counselor, or a nurse or a doctor. The counselor or medical professional can also help talk to the social worker, they may be easier to talk to at first, and they can tell the social worker "look, this person really needs help now".

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