Beauty (Unconditional love for a friend)

Reply Wed 30 Oct, 2002 02:19 pm
What truly is beauty?, To some it's flowers a lake or some far off place.

Maybe it's the feeling to be free of someone out relaxing by their favorite tree.

Though, to me it is deeper down in the heart where other people besides me cannot see.

Beauty to me is the memory's of which I hold inside, that can be taken away by no one, thus nothing at any degree.

It is a remeberance of special yesterday(s), those precious moments that seem to linger and stay still sticking with me today.

They say that true beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What has come as they're own personal definition to some, has become as heavy to me in my heart as a boulder.

When I speak of these memories I do not mean partys with friends, or love affairs of the past.

I talk of something much more deeper, that will always last.

Five second moments with a friend, that seem to never end.

Though in the realm of time pass dissapearing into the past with a tick and a tock, but hold no baring on my personal clock.

Times where a young teenage boy and girl play the staring game, you know the one to see who can stare at the other longer without their eyes going astray.

I always lost because as soon as our eyes met, I felt her smile, being forced to turn away.

I was taken away from her eye's entering into her soul, then to her heart which made her seem whole.

To this day I do not forget that day, or other moments in my heart while they lay to forever stay.

Due to the fact even though time has crept away and passed and people have changed, one thing has always remained.

I call her time to time there is no real conversation or rhyme.

The phone stays dead on both of our ends most of the time.

But, it is the call itself the reason behind.

To be able to hear the opposite voice, to listen to whatever she might open up and say, which always brings me back to that game we played.

Transcending me to again view those eyes and evervscent smile, thus to be able to sense for even only that one single second moment she is ok.

See, that is real beauty to me, it is not something that you can merely see or touch and feel.

It is whatever someday in your heart that makes you more alive and real.

For, you can have all the trees in the world, all the flowers in the garden, and all the worlds money.

Though if you inside feel empty, and have no personal beauty that is nothing funny.
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Reply Tue 24 Dec, 2002 08:27 pm
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cicerone imposter
Reply Tue 24 Dec, 2002 09:14 pm
Beauty to me is not one person, one place, or one event. Beauty is when a large group of people understand humanity, sensitivity, and love at the same time. No words need to be spoken, but every individual understands what is going on. They are of the same mind and heart. It transcends any one place or time. Once in awhile, we can share in it by some special event, but they are rare. I was fortunate to have experienced it when I visited Tanzania last year. Over five hundred fifty children sang to our small tour group in Karatu Primary School. After they finished singing, none of us had a dry eye. It was beautiful. c.i.
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Reply Tue 24 Dec, 2002 09:31 pm
Awwwww man.....I need tissues again..... Crying or Very sad
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