Any folks here on a2k that like pencils?

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I am near-sighted in one eye, far-sighted in the other and have astigmatism. When people want to try on my glasses as they want to see how they'd look in the frames, I always warn them to close one eye or they'll end up feeling seasick.

My opthamologist thinks my vision is great - she keeps going on about how I''ll never need bifocals and how cool it is that I can use one eye to watch the road and the other to read maps. I can't actually do that but she thinks I should.


@Punkey - yes Staedtlers! I was so surprised to find them at the dollarama but you never know what interesting things you'll find there. Pickled beets from Poland, cookies from Turkey and South America, licorice from Australia and South Africa, very good dog treats from Europe. The other week they had my favourite shortbread cookies for $2. Our good grocery store had them on sale for $4.29. It's wonderfully random. I'm going back for more Staedtlers today - a package for me and a few for next Hallowe'en.
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Ah, I see I mentioned reading in a dark room - too vague! that was about reading in a very dark room a lot of slides using a terrific fluorescent microscope. I never thought of counting them, but over the years that would have been in the several thousands..

On glasses, I don't wear mine in the house since it's a small house and I can see stuff well enough. I did wear the trifocals when driving as in that case I needed to read the car dials as well as whatever was, say, fifteen feet away or a hundred feet. I pretty much don't wear them gardening either.... it's a smallish garden. I do wear them to the mail box, a block or more away: that's because the sidewalk pavement on this street is what I call cattywampus, or completely nutso.
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