'Nother 'speriment

Reply Thu 28 Sep, 2017 02:01 pm
Yea Mgmt, I know it's too long...and yes t'sa Letter to the Ed, and so I'll 'stand if it disappears, but it's been hard lately to decide. Still t'least hope u get a chuck outa it b4....

[Oh and r'l'ze that the first para is a copy of one in an earlier postin', which will cause ur software to take pause; so I'll change it here'n there, in the hope it'll s'vive]

Repeatin' that I'd edit it in any way you like...jus' lemme know....

…instances of the same very common omission on the part of ur OpEd's: But First, thanks again to our splendid, nationally distributed newspaper giving me the opportunity for 'Open Letter…' Sat. 23, in which i criticized Chief Steve's ... not spellin' out ...]: 'WWJD? ? Probably hang out at Mattress Mac's,' where I griped, '…rereading it eighty times, looked for those letters….'

[Eg, Software Friends: OpEd's's = 'Opinion Editors's' or 'Matters where Opinion Editors' matters matter, there'sd where it really matters.' No, jus' dinning' ya, S'f'w SpL'r's, I know how tough it ise. Ask yer mean 'Boss.' Oh and "dinnin" 's a kinda kiddin'.]

Also thank Huntin's Ed's for tolerating my crazy abbr and punct. [Lettin'm'lone in my postin's !! somethin' my peers'd tear me apart for...

...The TAATANE or TAT, ('s's'plained in earlier Letters)…but this'n' gettin' 2 long.]

Second instance, Sept. 24., mebbe not as serious, ' Trump's comments…' by Catherine Lucey and Tim Reynolds where he '…sharply criticized protests by by NFL players…and rescinded White House invitation for….players who kneel for the national anthem…...'

'Well,' I wondered, 'why should anybody be enraged by kneeling for the anthem ??' So without speedreadin' scanned a coupla more times before the words at its end, '…refused to stand…' finally dawned on me. 'Well,' thought I, 'at least Cath and Tim coulda said that earlier in th' piece.'

Totally affronted by it all w/ 'til This Third: When YOIKS, I suddenly realized, in my Saturday sept. [sp] 23 diatribe I too had been remiss: For anyone interested, " WWDF ?….Mattress Mack' 's" appeared also on a Sat,, but this'n Sept. 16.

Yet, clearly, it's 'We Won't Just Toady.'

Dale Hileman
Apple Valley

[Given the opportunity, incidentally, just this one last time to complain about the incredible incompetence of the Software Groups in their choice of Speller Programmers; Guys, not just an Irish clan, but 'sept.' is a misspellin' of "Sept,' or September, a day of the month, like August...

…oh and fellas, 'paren' is an abbr for 'parentheses' the plural (more than one) of parenthesis ['(', or ')']. Ask ur boss.
...and Again, Software Community, typo in your Hiring Guide for the Spellers: Where it specifies IQ as '…less than 62,' that should've been '…above.']

[Oh Software Geniuses: 'Toady' means 'Truckle', or give in to some kinda Pricky Pundit (me) .]

[And WordSmith: As I'd said, lemme know…tho this'n' sure hasta do w/words !! (dunnit?) but do pse pse let me know which add is right !! Readers of my Letters complain bitterly ab't m'usin'm …but dunno which one's right !! You mus' 'stand !!]

[Oh a2k, surely you'd use this'n' !! ?? 'cause I still don' 'stand whacha got 'gainst' Letters to the Editor.]
Reply Thu 28 Sep, 2017 02:59 pm
I notice you don't go into your 'code writing' when composing letters to the 'swells.'
So why do you run that bullshit on us in the A2k trenches?

It must take SO much time and energy to come up with these smartass abbreviations. Why bother?

It's exhausting to read!
Reply Thu 28 Sep, 2017 03:08 pm
your 'code writing'
My apolos Punk but whazzat,

a sequence of instructions that will automate performing a specific task or solving a given problem

letters to the 'swells
..and who're they

..stainless=steel water botts? If so, it's 's'wells.'

It must take SO much time and energy
Tue and Thu Mom lets me have the whole day here

smartass abbreviations. Why bother?
Why not

In fact I often to edit anything at all, anytime, in any way, to make 'em more readable but so far no takers

It's exhausting to read!
I daresay

So the obvious q, then why read it...
But thanks Key for t'leas' a resp anyhow
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