Can you be a liberal without conforming to the standard of political rectitude?

Reply Sat 23 Sep, 2017 06:28 pm
I have no doubt you will continue to put forth more of your muddled thinking, to try to defend the rather obscure, idiosyncratic topic you have chosen for this thread, and I have no desire to wade through that muck to try to continue to dialogue with you.

And yet you continue to respond to my posts; not to make to any thoughtful points, but to take personal swipes. It makes me chuckle when you guys play this little game-- it is an ad hominem where you don't have to explain your position.

It doesn't make sense to you because you just don't understand it--as your simplistic "liberal view" examples show you don't clearly understand the concept of states' rights in political discourse and law--nor do you understand the political philosophic differences that separate Democrats from Republicans

Ok, then please explain it to me. Current issues like Sanctuary Policies and recreational marijuana seem to contradict the point you are making. These are examples of places where liberals are supporting the rights of States against the Federal government.

Instead of the ad hominem, please explain the contradiction here.

You can either engage in a dialogue, or not. But you aren't explaining your position very well.

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