Good and bad are actual properties (i.e. forces)

Reply Sun 10 Sep, 2017 09:45 am
Since our positive emotions allow us to experience the good qualities of life while our negative emotions allow us to experience the bad qualities of life, then our positive emotions are literally a force of goodness flowing through us while our negative emotions are literally a force of badness flowing through us. It's, in a way, no different than a positive or negative charge. Therefore, all famous artists and composers who have used their depression and misery as an inspiration for their art weren't living any sort of good life at all.

They did not have the force of light (i.e. goodness) flowing through them. In a purely naturalistic universe, it would be the force of goodness. But in a spiritual universe, it would be the light of god. This means that the only true way to live one's life and be an artist is through one's positive emotions. These famous and genius miserable artists have mistakenly thought that they were experiencing the good qualities of life through inspiring others and whatnot through their art when this couldn't be any further from the truth.

Lastly, I wish to be a composer. This means that I must fully recover from any emotional trauma and misery in my life before I can finally embrace and celebrate the good qualities of my life and composing.
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Reply Sun 10 Sep, 2017 01:13 pm
I have found that my best work (painting landscapes) is accomplished while listening to classical music. The peace of the music is transferred to the painting. When I sent my sister a picture of a painting that I consider one of my best, her reply was "So peaceful." Also, the art is best viewed in natural light and accompanied by classical music. There is definitely a relationship ( or harmony)
between the wave-lengths of colors and the wave-lengths of tones.
All of that leads to this. I believe that there is a two-way relationship. That is,
I believe that good art can help you to recover and inspire ( "to breathe in")
your musical creativity. Visit an art gallery. View paintings on-line. Go to a park,
lie in the grass, look up at the trees, and after a while, you will close your eyes and listen to the birds, who have mastered their song and even flight.
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Reply Sun 10 Sep, 2017 07:30 pm
No. Good and bad are your opinions.
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Fil Albuquerque
Reply Tue 12 Sep, 2017 09:44 am
I have read the tittle only, skipped the babbling and the answer is a clear straight no! There is competence and incompetence only. Stupidity, failing to cope, or inteligence, adaptation. Most of the wrong doing in the world can be explained by lack of perception in the control and ordering of the several layers of complexity regarding how data is optimally organized to solve a problem. Poor emotional IQ, selfish behaviour beyound the needs at an individual level often relates to the idea there is such a thing at fundamental ontological base as the idea of "evil", or "goodness" by contrast. It boils down to a conceptual pragmatic shortcut bound to our specific embodied intelligence and the varied ecosystem functional social parameters that often require the belief in obscure concepts like free will and agency...
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