christian fick
Reply Tue 24 Mar, 2009 02:48 pm
A new name. Or shall we say someone who has change name. Or are you a debt collector. But in any case. I believe that a Jani King franchise is a partnership between a person and Jani King. Each one is induvidual. It is like any other business. You either make it or you dont. I have had my problems with Jani King and I can assure you it was dealt with by talking to the right person. We did not always agree but there were times that we achieved the right results and sometimes we did not. I am not a very big fan of Jani King but then again it is not Jani King that supply the service it is the INDIVIDUAL who has signed the contract. It is very easy for us to stand aside and tell others how crap Jani King has been but forget that by pointing a finger at them there are four fingers pointing back at the person pointing the finger. Come on, let us be honest here guys, if I realy have to tell all of you about my heartache since 2002 when my partner and wife was almost killed in a car accident on her way to one of our cleaning sites, and that we have been caring for her 24 hours 7 days per week since then, i will have you all in tears. If I have to fill in the void between 2002 and 2008 you will feel sorry for us. But you know what, while my wife was in a coma and everyone told me she was never going to recover I was clinging on to my believe that she would pull through. She did but has severe brain injuries. I STILL WENT OUT THERE AND MADE IT HAPPEN. I DID NOT THROW IN THE TOWEL AND WENT AND SIT IN A DAMN CORNER FEELING SORRY FOR MYSELF. DISPITE SPENDING FROM 6 in the evening with her until 1 to 2 in the morning 7 days a week I still went out there and did what I had to do. I grew a 24000 pa business into a 3 million business in 6 years. Not by sitting on my arse feeling sorry for my self but been there looking after my customers and constantly worked with them to give them more for less. I did not loose a contract in that period. But the opposite. We gained more because we were so damn good that no competitor could touch us. When I moved over in 2008, someone with the same drive and ambition took over and added another million within 1 year. This person has had the balls to go out there and do it despite the fact that she had four small children. It has been hard I believe but there has been massive growth, with MORE to come. And yes, she has issues with Jani King, but is facing it head on and making sure her VOICE is heard. Now, i am sure that there are many of you who are pissed off, but come on guys and girls, LET US START TALKING ABOUT THE FACTS IN THIS FORUM. LET'S STOP TALKING ABOUT JANI KING AND START LOOKING AT SOLUTIONS. OK. CAPICE
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christian fick
Reply Tue 24 Mar, 2009 03:06 pm
I have one last thing to say to DESPATCHERS. Unless you have several degrees in law, millions in the bank and is a professor in ZOOLOGY you wont stand a chance to crack the contract. Failure. Yes many do. Why. Not always Jani King's fault. 10% percent proffit. YES, there are many that make more than that. Look. This is a damn hard business and if you stop for one moment, you will loose your contracts to every Tom Dick and Harry who will do it for less. It is a cut throat business. AL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TO BE THE DAMN BEST!!!!
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not einstein
Reply Wed 25 Mar, 2009 02:36 am
Sometimes it is easier to hear than to listen.

Jani-King is not easy, like any business it has to be worked at and can be very very hard, that is the truth and there can be problems again that is the truth and sometimes when there are problems you need to be able to talk to someone but they don't want or wont listen or maybe when you try to talk they scare you into submission.

Now you can go to the DTI, or you can go to the BFA or to anyone that you feel will listen.

But do any of them hear what you are saying or do they pay lip service and tell you that you cant afford to beat these people, but hey poor you,



Well i want to tell you now, when i read what Christian has to say i can tell you that he is hearing you, use him talk to him and ask him to try and make you heard.

Sorry Christian
christian fick
Reply Wed 25 Mar, 2009 03:09 am
@not einstein,
Reply Wed 25 Mar, 2009 06:28 am
I am grateful to the help being provided and to the various contacts for John Pratt, BFA Solicitor, and also the DTI contact (. I feel any aggrieved franchisee is best served by contacting them not by Jani King. Read the franchise agreement. I feel it is staged to clean out innocent people.
Doubtless 'insider' fick will want to provide us with data on how many people fail ? Surely you have this data at hand FICK?
Can you let me have a list of past franchisees by email please. I want to contact them and ascertain their experiences. Thanks.
Oh, by the way FICKy, you said you werent posting here in earlier posts. Is Howarth paying you to post drivel?
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Reply Wed 25 Mar, 2009 06:36 am
Fick, your wife couldnt have copped out of the franchise agreement by dying. I am sure you have seen the clause in the franchise agreement that says that they will chase the estate for the money that they say is due.
For the avoidance of doubt, the money that they chase you for, were you to walk or die on day one, is around #850,000. If they think you have the money they will come after you seems to be the general consensus. ANYONE thinking of taking the franchise should read it closely. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE ENTERING INTO THE AGREEMENT. BEWARE>

Have you also seen the clause that says you cant go to the BFA, the police, any regulatory body, etc with a complaint? That wouldnt stand up in court i wouldnt think....
not einstein
Reply Wed 25 Mar, 2009 07:15 am
Come on, just how low or desperate do you have to get despatches, you utilise the fact that a woman nearly lost her life and the fact that a franchisee built a good business whilst looking after her as an excuse to have a dig at, i preume Christian as well as Jani-King.

You really do want to take this on a personal level don't you. Well that is your choice but i would ask just what is to be gained by going down the route you suggest. A complete list of names of franchisees that have been through the system, i really can't see how that would help them, it may make you feel better but you would just be raising that vain hope that YOU can do something.

When are you going to see that Christian is holding out an olive branch to see if he can help, it's happened before and could happen again with the right person leading the fight and you seem to have 2 options

DTI, BFA and various lawyers


Christian Fick

I knw who i would put my money on.

Jani-King is not a bad franchise if you are prepared to work hard and do what you say you would do and if you do have problems use people like Christian to get something done.

Again i am sorry i can't give you my name but seriouly they hate me far more than they hate you but right is right and this blog makes people think they don't have to work hard they just have to join something like this blog and all will be ok.

This is not the easy option
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christian fick
Reply Wed 25 Mar, 2009 03:47 pm
You know what mate, you have no comprehension of the pain and devastation I feel at now seeing my wife in a wheelchair, severely brain damaged.

For you to use the memory of a great, hard working and knoble woman to have a cheap dig at Jani King, show me that you are a weak character, a person who will stop at nothing to blame others and probably shows the lack of moral fibre you must have, that probably lost you your franchisee.

I am here on this site, with a genuine desire to help people to be heard by Jani King and to collectively make it better. I am not paid by anyone to do so!!!!!!

So stop having a cheap dig at me it just makes me angry, if you have anything constructive to say then lets have the debate! it takes a big person to properly debate and look beyond pettyness and cheap shots! I'm a big man!!!!!!! - how big a person are you?????
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Reply Wed 25 Mar, 2009 04:31 pm
@Jani-King GB Forum,
It’s a good thing that you find this “blog” so anonymous that you also decided it would be a good idea to refer to yourselves as the Jani-King Forum on this so very anonymous “blog”. I suppose it does beat listing your full names and proudly introducing yourselves and the Franchise you represent.

Years ago you may have gotten away with a write up in the news papers that would eventually fade into thin air and hopefully be forgotten about. But then someone came up with a bright idea....the internet. In fact, the British Government has made one of their goals to introduce a Computer and the internet to every home with a child in the UK so it’s not so easy to get away with “it” now is it? Information is knowledge, knowledge is KING and knowledge is for sharing!!!

Disgruntled we may be but with valid reason. To use your own words “respect the freedom of any individual to express their opinion” and we are all happy no? This “blog” has not stopped you from giving an opinion so don’t even begin to think that you can deny others their right to do so.

“Queen of clean” oh dear, works her fingers to the bone and is downright happy and successful too....well good for you dear! I would not be surprised if she is indeed a plant but even if she is not.....she cannot compare the “man in the van” Franchise that she purchased to people like us who paid £100K plus for a MANAGEMENT Franchise.
We did not buy into the Franchise because we wanted to go put our hands down a “bog”!!!!!! . In fact you will find that the majority of us are extremely hard working, skilled individuals (in many ways than one) were sold a “MANAGEMENT” franchise that we believed would tap into our management, sales, handling, and people skills with the ultimate goal of making a success of our investments. SO Go do your homework!!

I utterly resent the fact that some of the “pro” comments (obvious plants!!!!) appear to infer that those of us who know we have been wronged are lazy, uncommitted people who seek to make libellous comments because we are bitter and twisted individuals. What is so libellous about telling of our disastrous experiences?

I went into something wholeheartedly having invested not only money but time and effort so much only to find that everything I would expect to help make me a success was stacked against me. I was losing more money than I was making even well after my first 18 months of business with no end in sight and whatever little I should have been making was taken up by unaffordable loans and fees......... forgive me but I believe I have every right to question what I consider wrong . Veiled threats from in-house lawyers and warnings of failure from unqualified accountants soon followed.

Being made to feel a failure and not being able to challenge it when those who sold us the Franchise hide behind an agreement that is fraught with unreasonable clauses is disheartening, discouraging and particularly sad. Some of us have been able to and/or are slowly try to build our lives again having lost so much, for some it has been not so straightforward.....we all live to tell the tale.
Y’all can dress it up as much as you want we would not be the first nor the last to write of our experiences with this Franchise as long as the internet lives it this blog or another.

Can the esteemed Jani-King (GB) Forum explain why and how it is that Jani-King GB lost not even “full” but “associate” membership of the BFA? It strikes me as odd given that you are so wonderfully placed in the market place you should lose it. Surely a business made up of hard working, strong ethics, committed and successful individuals like you should have no problem keeping associate membership. In fact they need look no further than the likes of Mr Fick, his now successor that he has mentioned , and other “janillionaires” to see how millions can be turned over in this business..... Unless of course the BFA are not worthy of having you as members or it is that the BFA are the problem I hear you say?

Mr Fick, you sound like a broken u still on the payroll? And are you writing from your home in the sun where the beach is just outside your front door ? How many people have you and JK bullied? How many EX JK Franchisees did you help to ruin by taking their businesses from them on the pretence that they were failing?. You sound like a bully..... even now. Get a grip on it will you. Sad stories don’t do it for me and I am sure it’s the same for many of us. At how many QRMs did we not hear that so very sad story? I feel sad that you see it fit to use your wife’s accident in this manner.

Remember however that false economies do not work (it’s happening around us as I speak) and they do eventually crumble....
not einstein
Reply Wed 25 Mar, 2009 05:04 pm
I agree with everything you say about the internet, the world is a much better and a much worse place with it, but yes it does give you somewhere to look for the knowledge that you talk about, however knowledge is also a very dangerous thing, because with knowledge comes responsibility and with responsibility comes men and women of power.

Power to either deliver that knowledge in all its glories warts and all so that individuals can take that knowledge and make unbiased decisions, now for me that is true knowledge and true responsibility and true power. Or there is the use of knowledge with just a little cloud of hate and passion as well as just a little personal. This no longer is knowledge this now becomes opinion and hatred turns that opinion into hatred and the circle goes on. The trouble with this circle it eats away at the individual with that "knowledge" until it devours them completely.

If this blog was just being used to have an opinion then i for one would leave it well alone and let whoever do with that what they will. But it is not, it is being used to affect and effect peoples business's and peoples hopes and dreams. No one is suggesting that people do not did not work hard at there Jani-king business all that i am saying is there is an affective way of going about sorting this out and this is not it.

You are at will to resent what you will, the freedom of this most cherished internet is that you can also represent people as whatever you want, without having to be challenged in person, i do also resent being constantly referred to as a PLANT, just because i hold a different opinion to you. However i do not let it get me angry because if that is the strengh of your argument then you belittle the very knowledge you talk about in the first part of your comment.

According to your comments there are more plants on this blog than there is in most garden centres, blogs like this are about the freedom of the individual to say whatever they want, it is your freedom to express yours in reply and long live that freedom.

But you cheapen your argument when you start referring to people a bullies just because they hold out a hand to help.

I for one will stay on here, disappointed you may be but people have the right to both sides of the argument warts and all because knowledge without hatred without passion and without personal is true power and let the power lie with the reader not the orator.

Reply Thu 26 Mar, 2009 02:48 am
I am pleased to learn your wife is "knoble."
I agree its sad and pathetic that you literally wheel out your wife to shovel sh1t to innocent and hard working folk. How pathetic is that??!

I would not advise to use Fick as a conduit to JK. Instead,I can confirm that I am in the process of writing to the Companies Investigation Branch at the DTI. Thank you for the poster who provided this link to their complaint form
I would ask other posters to contact them about any negligent misrepresentation and fraudulent inducement that they think they have experienced.
christian fick
Reply Thu 26 Mar, 2009 04:44 am
Hi Rob
Please contact me asap. I think I can help with your issue that we had discussed immediately.
Cheers Mate
christian fick
Reply Thu 26 Mar, 2009 05:13 am
I believe that by having a go at me with my sad story that maybe just maybe there is someone out there who will understand that life is hard for all of us. And comments made about Louisa has made me realise that Jani King did something wrong here. They did not screen their potential franchisees. They have allowed a bad element into their midst. But hey, you were in and what did you do. Nothing, like the suggestion, I am not sticking my hand into a bog. Why not. If you wont how do you expect to employee to do it. A old story.
There are several franchisees that has had misfortune AT THE HOME FRONT WITH LOVE ONES WHO HAD SUFFERED. I am not going to mention names. I had a meeting with someone on this site a few weeks back and I am now going to proof beyound doubt that I can help him.
And MR DESPATCHERS AND MR PENNILESS KING. You have big mouths. Show us all you have BALLS and call me on 07528883430 so we can meet face to face and then you can say what ever you had said about my wife and me to my face. I bet you wont. Because I am the only person who is on this site who has the balls to put my real name here.
And the answer is no. I AM NOT ON THE PAYROLL. I AM SITTING AT HOME AND YES I HAVE A FANTASTIC PEBBLE BEACH JUST OUTSIDE MY DOOR. BRIGHTON BEACH, ONLY 45 MILES AWAY. And yes I have something wrong with my health. But that is my problem. I AM NOT GETTING PAID BY JANI KING, I AM NOT EVEN GOING TO CHARGE FRANCHISEES TO HELP THEM. I AM DOING THIS AS I BELIEVE THAT IT IS MY DUTY TO MY FELLOW MAN TO DO SO. I am leaving you all with the poem below. I will not be writing on here anymore. Those who need help, please feel free to call me on the number given.

When the day has come and gone,
and you're sitting there all alone.

Feeling angry, depressed and rejected,
wondering if your life can ever be

Needing someone to call your very own,
someone who's love and devotion is clearly

Someone to sit and talk to, who will
understand your dreams, your wishes,
and the things you would like to plan.

Someone to laugh and have fun with,
Someone to help you enjoy life just
a little bit.

Life does have it's way of dealing
low blows, Leaving you confused,
unhappy and wandering which way to go.

When all your efforts to find or recapture
happiness have been at their best, Then only
God can do the rest.

Reply Thu 26 Mar, 2009 12:47 pm
@christian fick,
Do Jani King screen potential franchisees much - the only screen appears whether you have the dosh!

A one eyed albanian might even possibly say that such a firm could conceptually be set up to sell "franchise contracts" not to operate a legitimate and long term franchise business. ie. I'm not saying that is the case here but i could make a reasoned judgement on this if i was able to see the average longetivity of a franchisee is not very long and there is a high failure rate?

Anyone have a view? Perhaps fick can email me a list of franchisees, past and present, apparently the BFA wanted to see this.

Anyone considering entering the contract should look at the section on breach of contracts and jani kings definition of management service fees which a franchisee is obligated to pay for the duration of their franchise.

In the agreement this equates to circa £830,000.

Anyway fick you are gone for a second time, so pleased we wont hear from you. toodle pip.

word of truth
Reply Thu 26 Mar, 2009 01:30 pm
PENNILESS KING WROTE - Mr Fick, you sound like a broken u still on the payroll? And are you writing from your home in the sun where the beach is just outside your front door ? How many people have you and JK bullied? How many EX JK Franchisees did you help to ruin by taking their businesses from them on the pretence that they were failing?. You sound like a bully..... even now. Get a grip on it will you. Sad stories don’t do it for me and I am sure it’s the same for many of us. At how many QRMs did we not hear that so very sad story? I feel sad that you see it fit to use your wife’s accident in this manner



How on Gods earth can you write such vile, offensive and awaful comments about a disabled woman and a man who is trying to help!

For the record I actually did contact Mr Fick, when he first appeared on this blog, I was invited to his house to meet him and I did indeed meet his wife, in a wheelchair unable to walk and severely brain damaged, what a brave and lovely woman, utterly destroyed by life and so undeserving of the sick, twisted and malicious comments you've written.

Anyhow having watched the loving way in which Mr Fick cared for her, he sat down and listened to my story! I also listened to his and please believe me I was shocjed at what had happened to him and his frnachisee. there is no way in gods creation that he is a plant or on JK's payrole. I found him to be a lovely and decent man who honestly wanted to help.

As a result of my meeting with Mr Fick, many of my issues have been resolved, which I have to say I am quite shocked about as I would never have believed it could happen.

So I for one owe him a massive thanks and can only apologise to him, that he should even have to suffer the pain of two obviously sick individuals to take a tragic story and use it to hit below a belt of decency to attack Jani King.

I agree with not einstein, this should be the freedom of speech to hold debates and respect different opinions


Mr Fick you know who I am and if you're reading this, I suggest you report these two individuals for discriminating abuse against the disabled to the people who run this blog. My brother was disabled too and he died. I find their words insulting in the extreme to his memory.

CONGRATULATIONS PENILESS KING AND DISPATCHES, you've made yourselves look like Jani King have nothing on you two and your disgusting behaviour and comments !!!!
Reply Thu 26 Mar, 2009 05:30 pm
Do not twist our words.

I said, I agree its sad and pathetic that Fick is literally wheel out your wife to shovel sh1t to innocent and hard working folk. How pathetic is that??!

I feel it is disingenuous of Fick to use his wife as a device in order to generate pathos from members of the board.

I would not advise to use Fick as a conduit to JK. Instead,I can confirm that I am in the process of writing to the Companies Investigation Branch at the DTI. Thank you for the poster who provided this link to their complaint form
I would ask other posters to contact them about any negligent misrepresentation and fraudulent inducement that they think they have experienced.
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Reply Thu 26 Mar, 2009 05:30 pm
@not einstein,
When you are done with preaching Mr Einstein, you can start living in the real world! Your arguments and "words of wisdom" don't mean a thing to those of us who have been cheated out of hundreds of thousands of pounds. In fact you sound like one of the several henchmen on the payroll that is funded by unsuspecting investors. If your homework is to sit on this blog, try to sound eloquent and come up with something that sounds vaguely intelligent then keep up the good work but you are not going to fool the majority of us who know the real deal!!!! In fact you are beginning to bore me.........
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Reply Thu 26 Mar, 2009 06:35 pm
@word of truth,
Despatchers took the words right out of my mouth.....

(.....and what truth are you promoting?)

Twisting words is exactly what the people who are paying you to come on this blog and sound reasonably reasonable do. If you read our comments properly, you will understand that we have nothing against Mr Fick's wife and have said nothing against her. However, we clearly resent the fact that he has used her at all on this blog.......

Now that you are on the band wagon of merry brothers and sisters so what? That Mr Fick can help you is good for you if it worked for you so what? Many of your issues have been resolved so what brings you here?

Who are you to call us "sick individuals"? Sounds like you want to get really personal but we are not going to be drawn into something that has got nothing to do with why most of us (excluding PLANTS) are here. It obviously gives you a high.....hey to each their own......but is there a rat in my kitchen?

Responding to your RANT brings me down to your level; a very cheap, hollow and narrow minded one so I will leave it at that!.
word of truth
Reply Fri 27 Mar, 2009 05:26 am
If you wish to talk about logic, then go read the blog where Mr Fick mentioned his wife, it was not done in any other way, than to state his peronal circumstances when he was running a franchisee, it in no way should have been then used against him to score points at Jani-King. Why does he not have a right to mention things he found hard in his life? When we ran into trouble with our franchisees did it not effect our families as well as us? I met a man who's wife was dying of cancer when he had his franchisee falling apart, in talking to me about it, was he not supposed to mention the pain of this, or was he meant to keep it completely business?

It is personal though isnt it! everyones blogs show that! but did it then give you both the right to attack another for showing his personal traumas?

you say he's going on about the same old story ref his wife, but she's still alive, she still needs care 24/7 so is it not fair enough to say that she is still as vital a part of his life now as she was 7 years ago? or is there some kind of writtien rule to say he should be over it by now? people who lost their franchisees 2 years ago...... are they over it now? should they no longer be allowed to speak about it?

Secondly if you look logically at my first blog, I would hardly say that my words make me a plant as I too was highly critical of the system and joined this to enter into the debate.

The reason for me still being here is in credit to Mr Fick , helped me and I too wanted to support his desire in helping others. Instead I came back on to read cheap shots by yourself and despatches at a disabled woman to somehow justify, what has been a hard deal for all of us.

I'm sorry despatched, but your comments still seem sick to me in the way you have written them, unless english is not your first language and you are unable to be literate enought to express your self correctly.

I for one am reporting you both to the site, to ask them to read this blog and take a view as to whether your comments were discriminating against the disabled,

I also invite any other members of this forum, to write on here as to whether they agree that you hit beolw the belt at Mr Fick and owe him an appology.

Lastly of all I agree with following the law and writing complaints to the DTI, OFT etc if you feel that helps, I guess it depends on whether you want revenge for what Jani King have done or solutions. I wanted solutions and I wanted them quickly as I still need an income and all I can say is that Mr Fick got them for me and got them quickly!

I filled in the forms to DTI and OFT and have still heard nothing, other than they will look into it.

So by all means write your forms and complaints and sit here in 6 months moaning about your lot in life. I chose to take a chance and seek a solution and I am just being honest to say that I now have one.

And hey I dint have to get nasty by attacking the disabled to do so!

I believe where as you both no doubt have justified reasons for your views on Jani-King as do we all! you both at least owe Mr Fick an appology. your battle was not with him. It doesnt matter with how you wrote your comments or indeed how you meant them. the point is that you have cause great offense and decency should be you apologise for it.

Then maybe we can all return to the debate on Jani King.
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not einstein
Reply Fri 27 Mar, 2009 05:57 am
I agree with everything that has been said by pennilessking, but it takes a real person to admit when they have made a mistake and i am not sure that we have that with these 2 individuals.

However i for one that we can persuade Christian to return to this forum because with him in place we have at least got a chance of sorting some of these issues out.
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