Dear math experts, please explain to me the way of mathematicians.

Reply Thu 17 Aug, 2017 02:41 am
Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph are they calling you the very portmanteau of a modern major philistine?

This translation of Bertrand makes as much sense as you'll ever require about 1+1= 2

Reply Thu 17 Aug, 2017 02:47 am
Nobody is calling him a Philistine, they're saying he's from the Philippines. There is a difference.
Reply Thu 17 Aug, 2017 03:22 am
I wouldnt call him a Philistine, a Guptan perhaps, he has some personal attributes that are revealed by his journey through mathematic.
AHHH Some days the fun herein just presents itself in immeasurable truck loads .
My new goal in my A2K life is to have you open your taste palette to foods you may presently fear.

Jellied eels Ive never tried but I enjoy "medallions" of eel slathered with mirin and quickly crisped in a restaurant salamander. Its deeelicious.

I assume that you will try lotsa Inn or restaurant food in Copenhagen. Do you have any Danish favorites?
Reply Thu 17 Aug, 2017 06:46 am
It's my first time in Denmark. I've got my itinerary sort of sorted but food is something that we'll pick up as and when.

'Philistine' always reminds me of a certain long gone poster who was wont to call those he disagreed with 'Uncircumcised Philistines.' Now he really was a lot of fun, unlike the new tranche of god botherers.
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Reply Thu 17 Aug, 2017 11:59 am
I a Canadian?

Guess again, but I said several times already here in a2k, that I am in a part of the earth that is eight hours in advance of Greenwich.

Dear Farmerman, I am glad to meet you, have we met before?

I seem to remember, yes.

I look forward to a rewarding exchange of thoughts with you on anything that we both might be keen to talk about, as to enrich our knowledge of reality.
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Reply Thu 17 Aug, 2017 12:12 pm
Dear Infra Blue: what do you say about my three premisses of productive thinking, as follow:
1. The default status of things in the totality of reality is existence.
2. Existence is from oneself or from another.
3. Existence is in the mind and/or outside and independent of the mind.

Are numbers in the mind or what, cf. the three premisses above.

From Infrablue:

I think you have it backwards. Numbers came about to quantify and value material things, like how many goats a chieftain possessed. It was realized that numbers exist in and of themselves and mathematics resulted from this realization. Some cultures, like some indigenous ones found in the rain forests of the world, don't have words or concepts for numbers higher than "two."
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Reply Thu 17 Aug, 2017 12:17 pm
Dear Ponderer, thanks for your reply as a non-math expert, you say:
"Observe the "way" of an "as necessary ", though admittedly not an expert, mathematician.
Let A/B represent a diagonal of an X
Let C\D represent the opposite diagonal

You have not presented your thinking on my idea that fundamentally mathematicians employ trial and error, yes? no?
Reply Thu 17 Aug, 2017 05:40 pm
That was an example of how I had to use my fresh out of high school math to solve a real-world problem. Imagine two 8' parallel, horizontal steel rails. ( 3" angle-iron )On the top of the rails are 1" steel roller bearings, spaced along the rails at approx. 12". At both ends of the rails are X- shaped legs ( 2" angle-iron )
The tops of the legs ( "X" ) are connected to the ends of the rails with hinges welded to the rails and legs. The bottom of the "X" is connected with a flat steel strap ( also hinged ) The diagonals ( A/B , C\D ) had 1/2" holes drilled in specific locations, through which a bolt passed to hold the legs together. By changing the location of the bolt, the table could be adjusted. (The lower the intersection of A/B & C\D , the wider the top of "X")
That was a table that I designed and built to load the cylinder of cylindrical fuel tanks onto an automatic welding machine which welded fuel-line fittings.
The bearings allowed the cylinders to roll onto the machine, and then allowed them to spin so that after welding the top fitting, the cylinder was rolled 180 degrees and the bottom fittings were then welded.
All this was to demonstrate how I used the unchanging laws of mathematics to calculate where to drill the holes ( intersection points) to allow the table to be adjusted for whatever diameter tanks were being built , so that the tops of the cylinders remained the same height above the floor. ( and "fit " the machine )
Reply Fri 18 Aug, 2017 12:34 pm
Dear Ponderer, thanks for your expatiation, but I am asking math experts to expound on why I am right or wrong: that mathematicians are fundamentally in their work into trial and error.

Think on my question, and see whether you can concur with me, or not, and why.
Reply Fri 18 Aug, 2017 12:48 pm
If you are asking if they try to find a mathematical way to prove or disprove something, no matter how many times they fail, I don't doubt that.
Reply Fri 18 Aug, 2017 02:42 pm
Dear Ponderer, thanks for you reply:
"If you are asking if they try to find a mathematical way to prove or disprove something, no matter how many times they fail, I don't doubt that."

You see, the way I examine my own way of coming to know what is in reality, it is by experiences of reality, in the concrete by trial and error.

For example, when I was very young but curious about everything, my mother always tells me to not touch the electric wires, because I would get hurt very badly.

But curiosity got the better of me and I tried to touch the electric cord connecting the electric fan to the wall current outlet, and I did touch it quickly, and I didn't get any painful experience at all.

That was one example of learning by trial and error.

Later my mother told me that she was talking about exposed wires, but to be sure she just told me to not touch any electric wire at all.

Later on I was again overtaken by curiosity.

This time I decided to do what I saw to be the working of a hanging push button switch, it was hanging from the light bulb in the ceiling: you hold it in your hand and push down with your thumb on a button set in it, that turns the light bulb off or on.

With all care I decided to do something similar, with an invention from myself.

You know what happened?

With all great caution, [don't do this at home] I fixed up two live wires apart from each other, and pushed the button of my invented switch to effect their connection.

What happened?

There was a very audible explosion and a flash, and all the lights in the parlor went out - good that I did get hurt at all but frightened.

Now what?

When my dad got home, he gave me a good spanking, and also told me the explanation about positive and negative parts of a circuit, etc.

That was another instance of learning by trial and error.

Now, with mathematicians, they see something and they work with what I call concepts and axioms which they also formulate, to see whether they can come to an equation, with the left part of the equation the thing they see, and the right part of the equation their final trial and error that got to correspond quantitatively to the left side of the equation, which is the part that they wanted to get an explanation of, with their trial and error attempts on the right side of the equation.


So, what do you math experts say about my thinking that you guys work that way, by trial and error.
Reply Fri 18 Aug, 2017 03:07 pm
Dear Susmariosep,
You should forward your story to the "What made you smile today?" forum.
It worked for me.
Reply Sat 19 Aug, 2017 03:27 am
Dear Ponderer, I laugh with gladness when I read your post, below in Annex; you are one chap who is not into hatred towards me - because all almost all posters who care to exchange thoughts with me, they hate me very much, but it is all due to my telling them thoughts like the following:

"The default status of things in the totality of reality is existence."

They hate me so much that they are foaming in their mouths with BS, hurled from their oral input cavity, now perversely and unnaturally abused by them to throw out BS at me, for they are feeling so frustrated with nothing to show of any rational cognition, but all BS in their oral BS foaming cavity of an input gullet.

But they are not getting to me, for no matter what BS words they throw at me, my thoughts will continue to be and my desire also, that I want to tell them things, like the following:

1. The default status of things in the totality of reality is existence.
2. Existence is from oneself or from another.
3. Existence is in the mind and/or outside and independent of of the mind.

You see, dear Ponderer, it is with such statements that they get all their thinking eviscerated to be worth nothing but only attempts in vain to evade from the issue of God exists or not, and seek refuge in their cult of what I call Acquired Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome.

Now addressing the FOOS of a2k:
"Dear founders and owners and operators of a2k, thanks for your goodness, that I have been still not yet banned, even though I speak out from my heart and mind, all kinds of transcendental truths."

That is how I got banned almost everywhere I go, with my transcendental truths.


I have met posters here who appeared to be sober, but then sooner than later show their true color, i.e., all hatred and nothing to share of any cognitive worth at all.

And I always tell them that it is the easiest thing to do in a web forum, indulge in hatred and more hatred, instead of doing the serious work of concentrated thinking, on truths, facts, logic, and the best thoughts of mankind from since the dawn of man's conscious intelligence.

Hahahahahaha, you can just imagine the BS that is foaming in their mouth as they attempt to throw it from their oral cavity to me, but all in vain.

Okay, dear readers here, this is a long post for all posters who hate me, they can't read anything beyond their BS oral cavity.

Let us all sit back and await with bated breath to witness what reaction they will convey to me, I tell you, MORE BS from their oral cavity.

Post: # 6,486,904 | Ponderer | Fri 18 Aug, 2017 03:07 pm

Dear Susmariosep,
You should forward your story to the "What made you smile today?" forum.
It worked for me.
Reply Sat 19 Aug, 2017 06:59 am
"...serious work of concentrated thinking." ---Susmariosep

As far as the other issues. ( Where did we come from? How did we get here ? etc.) I think "Zero did not create one."
Reply Sat 19 Aug, 2017 01:38 pm
Dear Ponderer, you say:
"As far as the other issues. ( Where did we come from? How did we get here ? etc.) I think "Zero did not create one."

I could be wrong, but I have come across atheists who make the wilful mistake of taking zero to be nothingness i.e. non-existence, and thus they argue that the universe comes forth from nothingness.

Here is their argument which of course cannot survive critical examination:*
1. There were equal matter and anti-matter.
2. So they clashed and wherefore zero matter is the aftermath.
3. It is zero that is, nothingness. [ WRONG! ]
4. Ergo, i.e. therefore, the universe came forth from nothingness.

My critique of this argument is that zero is not in math, nothingness at all, understanding nothingness as non-existence.

In math there is no such entity as nothingness, but now what then is zero in math?

Please wait, dear atheists here, I will find out and report back here.

*But first, Dear atheists, I welcome your comments to my representation of what I see to be an argument from atheists on no God needed, for nothingness is the start of the universe, understanding nothingness as non-existence.

. . .

Okay, I am back, and here is my finding, read in Annex below just the first page of google's hits on my entry into google's search box, these words:

is zero in math equivalent to nothingness

And Oh atheists, you will notice from the hits of google that in math zero is not equivalent to nothingness, understanding nothingness as non-existence.

Dear readers here, let us sit back and await with bated breath to witness how atheists will react to my post the present one.

I tell you, it will be nothingness but most or almost certainly lots of hatred against me.

Dear readers, I invite you to do serious thinking on my statement, "The default status of things in the totality of reality is existence."

Google: is zero in math equivalent to nothingness.

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