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@emmett grogan,
emmett grogan wrote:

"fondation" of our friendship. What a great new word, I luv it.

Reminds me of those fondue outfits people had in the 1970s. Melted in French.

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You, as well as I know that you are not wasting your time thinking and writing. It is not beyond the bounds of reality to imagine that your thoughts and writings could be shared in book form with readers and thinkers. You will understand how this statement relates to what you refer to as your "world view", but I would define as more of a "universal mind/being" view. This illustrates my agreement with your hypothesis.
I do landscape paintings. I have found that painting to classical music ( for "mood", "good feelings") produces my best work, especially when I just "watch" the painting (being painted) and concentrate on the music.
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