DOCTOR WHO Deep Cut Trivia question

Reply Tue 18 Jul, 2017 10:54 am
Looking to create a list of pre2000 films or TV episodes set in 2017.

On IMDb, 23 December 1967 (Season 5, Episode 17) of Doctor Who, IMDb has a keyword of Year 2017 for the five episode arc, implying that the storyline is set in a possible future of 2017.
The Enemy of the World (1967)

According to the Wikia page, the story is set in 2018. Any verification on this bit of trivia?
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Reply Tue 18 Jul, 2017 11:30 am
I believe it's either 2017-2018 or just 2018.

The Nerdist has a page reviewing the DVD of that season. They claim 2018. This would make some sense, since 1960s popular science fiction series often tended to go for future times which were a round number of years in the future, such as 50 or 100. If this thinking is right, both 2017 and 2018 are possible as the season wore on, seeing that it started in late December.


Here is part of the script at http://www.chakoteya.net/DoctorWho/5-4.htm

The only occurrence of "2018":

DOCTOR: A very timely and welcome rescue.
ASTRID: Don't speak to me for a moment, please.
(The Doctor looks at the permit posted in the back of the helicopter - Australasion (sic) Zone. Type Helicopter, (private). Valid until 31st Dec 2018. Class Reg No L23X. Victoria has her arms around Jamie's neck.)
JAMIE: But what is this thing, Doctor?
DOCTOR: It's a helicopter, Jamie.
DOCTOR: A chopper. You know, a whirly bird.
JAMIE: He say's it's a bird.
DOCTOR: No, no, no. It's a primitive form of flying machine.
VICTORIA: Well, at least we're safe now, aren't we?
ASTRID: Depends on what you mean by been safe. They've shot a hole in the fuel tank. We might blow up any minute.
(Rod gets Curly back to the hovercraft, then they head back onto the water and follow the helicopter as far as they can. Astrid flies inland to a lone bungalow.)
ASTRID: Here we go.
(She lands the helicopter. They all get out, Astrid last of all, holding her left arm.)

The only occurrence of "2017":

[Underground control room]

SALAMANDER: Not now, we are too busy.
SWANN [OC]: This is urgent.
SALAMANDER: Oh very well.
(Swann enters with the piece of paper.)
SALAMANDER: Now what's the matter, huh?
SWANN: What's this? What is this?
SWANN: Newspaper. It's a piece of newspaper.
SWANN: Well, go on, look at it. Read it. Last year's date. Look at the bit of headline there. There!
(Holiday liner sinks, many feared lost. Dated Friday August 16, 2017.)
SALAMANDER: Control yourself, Swann. You'll go mad.
SWANN: Holiday Liner Sinks! You say there's a global war, radiation everywhere. How can there be holiday liners? Tell me how! You've lied to us, haven't you? Haven't you!

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Reply Tue 18 Jul, 2017 12:13 pm
I don't know if this will spoil your fun, or be useful:



Reply Tue 18 Jul, 2017 01:46 pm

Quite useful a pair of references. Thanks. I'm only using films and such made before 2000 as the story is near to distant future in terms of the story and time of production.
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Reply Sun 24 Feb, 2019 05:36 am
There's been a lot of activity over recent years to release the lost episodes of Doctor Who. Many master tapes were wiped by the BBC in an effort to save money and certain dedicated individuals have scoured the globe looking for lost episodes. There has been some success but episodes are still missing. The soundtrack and stills are still available and a lot of lost episodes have been animated.

I'm going through a bit of a splurge at the moment. Yesterday I watched the 6 part episode The Ice Warriors starring Patrick Troughton. Episodes 2+3 are animated and the rest recovered.

Next week I'll be watching The Enemy of the World which has been remastered.

Shows currently in the pipeline are The Macra Terror and The Wheel in Space.
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Reply Tue 12 Mar, 2019 03:22 am
Comic Relief does Doctor Who, Jonathan Pryce is fantastic as Roger Delgado's Master.

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