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The powers of attention appear to be hiding from me lately. I have inadvertantly posted my latest comment on attending the New Years Concert on another thread!! Oh well. But here it is=

I could not at first remember the year that I attended the New Year's Concert in Vienna. I did remember that it was the first year that Lorin Maazel conducted and everyone was wondering if he, being American, would conduct with the 'feeling' that all Vienna loves in their music. He was very successful during that first performance in winning the hearts of all. I looked at Google and the year was 1980.

"1980: The Yearly Change
When Boskovsky was forced to relinquish the concert of 1980, the Philharmonic chose Lorin Maazel, an internationally prominent conductor, to direct the concerts through Jan. 1, 1986. In true Viennese fashion, the multi-talented Maazel also took up his violin on occasion during the concerts as a tribute to the traditions of Strauss and Boskovsky. "

After the performance we walked the few blocks to the Hotel Sacher where we had lunch. Maazel walked in soon after we arrived and all in the small room stood and applauded him as he entered. His performance conducting the orchestra that day held all the magic one associates with the timeless music involved. It was a good day.

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ehBeth wrote:
ohhhh - and the next thread will be number 55

can I ask that the number be included in the title (for the clickers who are collecting the threads)

55 significant for anyone?
special meaning?

Here you go, Beth:
"55" implies the power of new thought forms.

Numerology: Has to do with accessing Higher Mind (55) and channeling it through your individuality (1). 55 is a direct line to the mind of God or as some call it, the akashic records. It is calling upon you to responsibly harness and direct the knowledge that is attainable now. There are also changes taking place and many choices ahead. Responsible choices must be made and the route to these is through the Higher Mind. As with all Master number influences, meditation is key here. (Reduces to 10 and to 1).

Thanks, Danon, for telling us about the Vienna Concert. I am more than a little envious (but trying hard to beat down the green monster). I love that the conductor received a standing ovation in the restaurant, and especially that he took up his violin for certain movements, a multi-talented musician!

Clicked :wink:
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so ... no takers?

ok - i'll throw dibs on number 55
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aktbird57 - You and your 282 friends have supported 1,689,600.8 square feet!

Marine Wetlands habitat supported: 56,110.6 square feet.
You have supported: (34,018.1)
Your 282 friends have supported: (22,092.5)

American Prairie habitat supported: 32,346.8 square feet.
You have supported: (9,199.8)
Your 282 friends have supported: (23,147.0)

Rainforest habitat supported: 1,601,143.4 square feet.
You have supported: (158,405.3)
Your 282 friends have supported: (1,442,738.1)
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the new thread

number 55 - power in numbers

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