How to enter consciously other dimensions

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How to enter consciously other dimensions

Your body and spirit are not separate and one can enter another dimension or reality by being transformed by the divine light.

To do this you must meditate and open a portal to other dimensions, indeed you can go through the door of eternity, the door that leads away from time and fear.

Sit quietly in comfort and go into very deep meditation. Pull all your emotion together in your mind and imagine that you are projecting them from your heart into an invisible portal that you can only see in your mind's eye, somewhere in front of you.

When you feel your body begin to fill with energy and flood out of your heart, you will see and area of light begin to form in your mind's eye about five to ten feet from your body.

Don’t try to see the light with your eyes at first. Wait and you will slowly begin to notice portal or door should appear to be hovering and forming, the light you are a projection of yourself will begin to be sucked into the portal or door.

Then banish fear and allow the portal to take, mortal body, mind and spirit into other beautiful Heavens of existence.

You will know you are at the correct portal by the beautiful peace and love you feel.

Light from your chest area disappearing into a glowing portal, slowly forming in front of you... Be patient


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Reply Tue 14 Nov, 2017 08:35 pm
@Alan McDougall,
I can offer an even less complicated response (thanks Occam);
If you have 'normal' two eyed vision, that presents a three dimensional Perspective of the One (unchanging, all inclusive) Reality.
Close one eye and you have just entered a two dimensional Perspective of Reality.
Now open a few more than two eyes...
Reality doesn't change, there is only One 'dimension', Reality IS The Singularity, Here! Now!
How did you 'Consciously enter' this dimension that you presently perceive?
Or have you? *__-

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