How can Trump reach today's situation?

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This country is ruled by the Feds. (FBI) Trump is their candidate. They clean the GOP to be Trump's private party and will cultivate Democrats too. This time they let the House to be blue because Trump is too unpopular that caused a wave to oppose him. The Deep State has to compromise a little bit to maintain Trump's power. The 2016 election was a coup. The 2018 midterm is a stage show to cheat people it's still a democratic country.
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Those of you who haven't need to check this persons profile.
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Kats is our local Russian troublemaker. First it was posts about Georgia (country) then Ukraine, then off to US politics and conspiracy theories.
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Hillary couldn't do it while Trump is o.k. to do it.

Trump Uses Unsecured iPhone Even Though China, Russia Are Listening In: Report

Lydia O'Connor,HuffPost• October 24, 2018

Former and current officials connected to President Donald Trump revealed that Russian and Chinese spies are tapping into calls he takes on his personal cellphone, which his aides have repeatedly warned him is vulnerable to such infiltration, according to a New York Times report published Wednesday.

Perhaps most frustrating, the unnamed sources said, is that Trump has continued to use an iPhone even after his aides told him that foreign agents successfully hacked him, likely gaining valuable insights into how they could best manipulate him and his administration’s policies.

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cicerone imposter
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From Wiki: Racial views of Donald Trump
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Donald Trump, the President of the United States, has a history of making racially controversial remarks and taking actions widely seen as playing upon racial anxieties in the United States.[1][2][3] Trump has denied accusations of racism by saying, "I am not a racist. I'm the least racist person you will ever interview".[4].
In 1973, Trump and his company Trump Management were sued by the U.S. Department of Justice for housing discrimination against black renters—a lawsuit which, according to Trump, he settled without an admission of guilt.[5][6][7]
In 2011, Trump became the leading proponent of the already discredited "Birtherism" conspiracy theory that President Barack Obama was not born in the US, and he repeated the claim for the following five years.[8][9] He was accused of racism for maintaining, as late as 2016, that a group of black and Latino teenagers were guilty of raping a white woman in the Central Park jogger case, although an imprisoned serial rapist had confessed in 2002 to raping the jogger alone, and DNA evidence confirmed his guilt.[10][11][12]
Trump launched his 2016 presidential campaign with a speech in which he stated that some Mexican undocumented immigrants are criminals, rapists, or people who bring in drugs. He then stated "some, I assume, are good people". This speech was controversial and, as a result, Trump was accused of calling all Mexican immigrants "rapists" or "criminals".[13][14] Later, his comments about a Mexican-American judge were criticized as racist. He tweeted fake statistics claiming that black Americans are responsible for the majority of murders of whites, and in some speeches he linked African-Americans and Hispanics with violent crime.[15] During his presidency, comments he made following a far-right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia were perceived as implying a moral equivalence between violence used by white supremacist marchers and violence used by those who protested against them. In 2018, during an Oval Office meeting about immigration reform, he referred to El Salvador, Haiti, and African countries as "shitholes"; this comment was internationally condemned as racist.[16][17][18]
Trump's controversial statements have been condemned by many observers in the U.S. and around the world,[6][19][20] but excused by his supporters either as a rejection of political correctness[21][22] or because they harbor similar racial sentiments.[23][24] Several studies and surveys have stated that racist attitudes and racial resentment have fueled Trump's political ascendance, and have become more significant than economic factors in determining party allegiance of voters.[24][25] According to an October 2017 Politico/Morning Consult poll, 45% of American voters view Trump as racist and 40% do not.[26]
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Trump and his family are above the law.

Ivanka Trump used a personal email account to send hundreds of emails about government business last year

By Carol D. Leonnig and Josh Dawsey November 19 at 6:56 PM

Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails last year to White House aides, Cabinet officials and her assistants using a personal account, many of them in violation of federal records rules, according to people familiar with a White House examination of her correspondence.

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Trump did have deal with Russian.

Mueller Exposes Putin's Hold Over Trump
Steve Denning Dec 16, 2018,

Just over a week ago, on Friday December 7, the Special Counsel’s Office headed by Robert Mueller for the first time outlined in a court filing the grand narrative of the Russia Probe. The court filing revealed what many had long suspected, that Trump and his family had used, or tried to use, his presidential candidacy, and then his presidency, to enhance their own wealth.

We also learned finally what hold Russian President Vladimir Putin has over Trump. It’s not as some suspected, a money laundering episode from more than a decade ago. It was something that happened in real time during the presidential election itself. Thus, Trump himself repeatedly stated since entering the presidential race in June 2015 that he had no business in Russia and no interactions with representatives of Russia. It now turns out that Putin knew what the American people didn’t, namely that Donald Trump was throughout the 2016 presidential primary campaign secretly negotiating to build a huge and lucrative hotel in Moscow, which required the personal support of Vladimir Putin. The fact that Putin knew about Trump’s secret dealings, while the American people didn’t, meant that if Trump didn’t do what Russia wanted, Russia could expose Trump’s lies and so bring him down.

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Trump himself repeatedly stated since entering the presidential race in June 2015 that he had no business in Russia and no interactions with representatives of Russia.(quote from "Muller exposes Putin's hold over Trump")

It means Trump had contacted with Russians as early as in June 2015 and negotiated a secret deal. Thus we saw:

On 30 September, Russia's parliament approved a request by President Vladimir Putin to

Russia joins war in Syria: Five key points
1 October 2015


Russia won't join a war without interest. It must have been assured by a secret deal, that is: to help Trump to get President chair and the payment is Syria.
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