How can Trump reach today's situation?

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@cicerone imposter,
ci, That's the story of his life; and, in connection with his visit to Russia, it was a golden shower.......
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That's the way how the Feds(FBI) rule this country. Many other politicians committed similar sex crimes. Moore unfortunately is pick up as the scapegoat to intimidate others, be obedient or otherwise be Moore likewise. The purpose is for the coming new law. Either Healthcare bill or tax reform bill or others. Trump is the candidate of the Feds. So he exempted from such accusations.

GOP Senators Believe Roy Moore's Accusers But Not Donald Trump's

Jennifer Bendery,HuffPost• November 14, 2017

Moore’s scandal has put his party in an incredibly uncomfortable predicament: the more Republicans say the allegations by five women against Moore are proof that he doesn’t belong in the Senate, the more hypocritical they look for ignoring the 16 women who have accused Trump of sexual assault and helping him become president.

The White House position on the president’s accusers is that they are all liars. Trump denied all of the allegations again last month, calling them “fake news” and “made-up stuff.”

So why do Republicans believe Moore’s accusers but not Trump’s? HuffPost spent Tuesday asking GOP senators why the situations are different. Few could offer a convincing argument, instead opting to shrug their shoulders, pivot or abruptly walk away.

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