This whole BIG thing about voter suppression.

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If you believe the Free market is the "most optimum", why are you against immigration?

Immigration is part of any free market. In a free market a business can hire who ever they want.

If you have a government telling some people they have the right to work and other people they don't, that is the opposite of the free market. Same for the government telling business owners who they can and can't hire.

This is another contradiction in what you have written.
Reply Fri 28 Oct, 2016 08:21 am
Certainly they can and they should be able to hire whoever they want. The problems come in when this is done under the table to avoid taxation on both parties. Or, a worker from another, poorer economy may accept a lower-than-minimum wage, which also impacts tax revenue. Instead of spending domestically, they often times send the $$ back home, further reducing domestic GDP. Domestic labor are less competitive and then more people claims welfare and unemployment benefits in a already indebted economy. This is precisely why EU was always a bad idea and Britain voted to BREXIT. To have a true free market, both Taxes and Welfare should NOT exist as a public good (or service). If there are no taxes, theoretically the market will be more optimum, because all government interventions, including taxation, result in a dead weight loss. But if there were no taxes, there could be no welfare nor public services, which many welfare economists argue that it would lead to increased crimes and social unrest. That's not good for the long run. If you speak to welfare economics professors, they will *probably* tell you something about sacrificing efficiency to reduce crime...etc, but that's a totally different topic and is out of my expertise so I will not comment on that. However, if you are interested to learn more about the impact of taxation, read this paper by NBER:


In addition, for the Nth time, I am not against immigrants who come here to work and contribute to the society. I was specifically against those who come here to leech on social welfare and be a "free rider". The problem becomes exacerbated when those free riders come in and bring even more free riders to us. All the liberal ideals would have worked if everyone did their part, but unfortunately people, not all, but some of those from poorer nations, are very, very self-centered and would not think twice about taking advantage of another person's wealth.
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You know what's interesting is that I've spoken to liberals from Vermont, who always used Scandinavian socialism as an example that it works. Scandinavian countries are supposedly "voted the best to live in by the Human Development Index", but they are mostly pretty harsh on this "No Visa, no entry" policy.

Read more: https://sputniknews.com/europe/201512301032516821-norway-refugee-crisis-tough-visa-asylum-policy/

Scandinavian nations were never nations build by immigrants, yet they have some of the highest per capita GDP in the world. There were news I heard many years ago (though I don't remember the source) that Denmark used to be a nation with very little crime. Government officials ride the bus like everyone else, but ever since they accepted refugees crime increased, even in towns that never had crime.

Sweden, the most liberal nation of all Scandinavian nation, had a very lenient immigration policy and they are in deep **** apparently:


Denmark apparently refused to continue, as its Immigration Minister Inger Stojberg bluntly explained: 'The Swedes put themselves in this situation. They have pursued a very lenient immigration policy for years and they are to blame for the swamp they are in.'

The next thing you know will be some country telling the USA that we put ourselves in this **** and quit whining when things don't go the way you "dreamed".

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