My Opinion on the Got Talent series

Reply Thu 25 Aug, 2016 08:18 pm
The Got Talent series. Whether you're watching America, Britain, Vietnam, Asia, etc., there's no doubt that you will be entertained by the amount of talent on the show. Almost everyone there has talent in some way or another.

Did you see that word? "Almost." While the acts are entertaining to watch and bring talent in some way or another, the judges, are not.

The biggest problem with Got Talent as a series are the judges in the regions. Call me a hater all you want of this but the judges are the worst part of every season of Got Talent.

The main problem about the judges is that they are even on the show. A talent show. If you are going to judge a talent show, you should have at least SOME talent. That is the problem. The judges have no talent that we know of (unless it's getting famous in which case I say, anyone can do with enough time and effort). The judges are just hypocrites for their lack of talent that we know of. They are judging people on something that they can't even do themselves. It's like judging a show that you don't even know the title of. It just makes you a hypocrite not to mention, the judges make really rude comments to bad acts. Some acts try to fight back with attitude which is never the right thing to do especially on live TV however, the judges show little respect for any of the contestants.

A few other points I have are that the judges pick favourites more times than the amount of grains of rice I've eaten in my whole life and on top of the judges making rude comments, there is even a case of the audience mocking a contestant for his act. All the guy wanted to do was dance and he got mocked by thousands of people on live TV. Got Talent even has a video ranking 5 contestants with big attitudes which makes fun of them even more just for fighting back. While it is rude, I do support the attitude for a few reasons. Firstly, it is rather entertaining to watch and no, I don't make fun of the contestant myself, and secondly, it shows the willingness and dedication that they put in to what they enjoy as a talent and how much they want to go with it.
The fact that the judges are discouraging this is absolutely disgusting whether it was intentional or not. They've made kids cry, teens cry, and even adults cry behind the scenes. All this is the reason why I hate Got Talent as a series.

To improve it, I suggest new judges that have more talent than our current judges that we have. This is mainly for the American and British versions cause I see the same damn people on both shows. I'd also suggest less singers in the show because there is always and I mean ALWAYS a singing act in the finals. We're all tired of singing acts winning all the time even though it is talent, there are other singing talent shows out there like X Factor which is slightly better.

I'd really like to know all of your opinions on Got Talent. This is a rant I made expressing my opinion on the show because there are soooo many flaws with it to the point my head would become a bomb and explode. Feel free to ask me anything like sources for anything I've said in this rant. I didn't put them since it would be kinda awkward to put in a rant on a forum page.
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Reply Fri 26 Aug, 2016 07:29 am
My opinion is that it's yet more crap on TV I don't bother watching.
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Reply Fri 26 Aug, 2016 07:50 am
I don't watch these shows so it is difficult for me to comment other than --- just because you may have talent are you best to judge talent?

I don't think someone necessarily has to have a particular talent to be a good judge, however, some people have "talent" to know what good talent is. But I agree just being some sort of celebrity does not qualify you to be a good a judge.

I think they should have known talent finders (or whatever the correct terminology is) - Simon Cowel or whatever is name is -- supposedly is one of these types of individuals - has been successful in finding talent.
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