What should I do?

Reply Wed 15 Jun, 2016 01:09 pm
I'm currently in high school and my friend isn't being a nice person. She throws me against the wall and kicks me when I don't know something, she calls me anorexic (which I'm not) and calls me ugly and worthless. She also has this thing called a burn book in which she writes about people she doesn't like, she put me in it. I asked her why and she said 'because you won't go out with me'. (She's bisexual by the way). She also touches my inappropriately when I don't want her to. I would tell a teacher, but she always uses the excuse that she has ASD- which is apparently some form of autism. She changes her mood a lot, sometimes she can be really nice but others she just excludes me and calls me names. My other friends don't care, she calls on of my friends gay when he isn't and we both get upset by her- but he doesn't do anything!
Should I tell a teacher? Or just ignore her?
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Tell a teacher - and generally, don't be quiet about her abuse.

That person is NOT your friend.
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Reply Wed 15 Jun, 2016 04:39 pm
Tell a teacher you are being bullied.
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Reply Wed 15 Jun, 2016 04:45 pm
ASD is Autism Spectrum Disorder -- it means she is on the autism spectrum (but that can be a wide range).

Among other things, this probably means that she has an IEP (an Individualized Education Program) and that there are people who want to know about her behavior so they can help her modify it if it's inappropriate. They can't help her with stuff they don't know about.

So, yes, say something. And generally, don't feel like you have to put up with that sort of thing, ever.
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