Teach Me, oh Wise ones (chicken salad sandwiches)

Reply Sat 28 Aug, 2004 08:13 pm
Farmer's first recipe sounds really good to me. Course, I add a bulb of garlic (separated) and a quartered lemon to the cavity..
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Reply Sat 28 Aug, 2004 08:18 pm
slow cooked chicken works ok, but you are basically putting a frog in cold water and raising the temperature till it kills em.
My recipe to do the chicken is so simple that my 16 year old makes it as good as anyone. The high heat cooks thhe meat safely but doesnt dry it like lower temp roasting does.

I suppose a cake pan would work, some of the liwuids Ive already used are
ginger ale
orange juice and chicken broth
chicken broth

the neat thing is that you can infuse different flavors into the chicken by adjusting the bottom juice

just remember
weight of chicken times 10 minutes =total time in oven (preheated to 500 degrees)
half the time on one side and half on the other

the skin is crispy and golden brown and the meat tastes like you always wanted your best roast chicken to taste. No vapid "half boiled" taste or dry overcooked meat

Your guy will love it.

Miracle whip is food for lutherans to mix into jello molds. It isnt even a food, its aan industrial product.
MAYO's the way to go
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Reply Sat 28 Aug, 2004 08:19 pm
So do I, Osso. I've copied it to try it.

I've got a cookbook of Graham Kerr's ... somewhere. One of the first ones I bought when I was newly married ... way back when.
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Reply Sat 28 Aug, 2004 08:22 pm
My mom always tells me to wash too, but she did say I didn't HAVE to, just that I should.

Yes, I do have a crockpot and LOVE using it (with my ONE recipe I have for it ...haha). Do I need to put a liquid in?

You'll have to give me some time to try all these. I'm sure my lazy self will make it to the gas station a few more times before I head to the store. I will though and report back each attempt.

Need to learn how to save money.

To be honest, normally I just used the pre-sliced St. Louis southwestern flavored chicken (red square envelope type package, usually next to the polish sausage/cheese ...not sure why). I highly recommend it. It's delicious and you can eat it out of the package. Usually good for a month (expiration date). Comes plain (no seasons) too. Yum. I put it in pasta and for every recipe that calls for chicken and people always tell me it taste wonderful. I always play as if I made the chicken. LOL I'm terrible.

Just figured I should learn how to work with/cook it myself since pre-packaged stuff is usually more expensive.
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