Need Legal Advice for custody?

Reply Mon 29 Feb, 2016 12:50 pm
My name is Michael. My sons name is Brandon. I am no longer with his mother, Holly. Lately, She's been pulling these little scenarios when she'll get mad at me over her having a bad day and she'll threaten to keep my son from me. I then have to put my foot down and refuse this. I have my son most of the time because she's constantly trying to get rid of him. I love having my son around so it's no problem for me but she always wants to go out and party. I have my drivers license, full time job, I'm in the Army, and I have my own house, and our son has his own bedroom with a toddler bed and tons of toys, clothes, and diapers, wipes, soaps, etc. Whereas she doesn't have a HS diploma, no drivers license, no job, and our son sleeps in a pack and play in her bedroom. Keep in mind, he's two! She depends on her mother to pay for everything for her and her son. We usually switch off days. One week, I'll get him Monday and Tuesday and he goes back home first thing Wednesday morning and I'll have him the following weekend. The next week, I'll get him Wednesday and Thursday and she'll have him that weekend. This cycle is constant. Lately, she's been asking for me to take him on her days.

I'm really just looking to find out what advantage I have over her. What's going to happen if I take her to court?
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I'm not clear as to what your trying to accomplish? Are you thinking she is an unfit mother? Is she neglecting or abusing him?

First ...get rid of the power struggle. She uses the son as blackmailing tool. She needs to understand what is appropriate and what the visitation and custody agreements are. The custody agreement needs enforcement by the court or the powers-that-be.

If she isn't teaching the child proper toilet habits, and keeps the child in diapers..and doesn't do proper parenting, that has to be shown in court. Frankly, you might need to talk to her parents and hope they can teach her proper parenting. maybe the court can see to that happening.

When you impregnated her, these were the same conditions that existed. She was still a non-HS grad, no job..and unready for the adult world more of responsibility back then 3 yrs ago. That hasn't changed.

If you think she's an unfit mother, you need to hire a lawyer ...a family lawyer.
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Reply Mon 29 Feb, 2016 03:03 pm
If you're not already doing so - keep a diary/log of everything to do with your son.

Contact an attorney who specializes in family law. You may be able to access one through military family services.
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