using cps to not respect visitation order

Reply Sun 28 Feb, 2016 10:24 pm
I split from ex parther 6 months ago, we have 2 daughters together , since day one she did'nt allow me to see or visit my daughters without her being present her allegation was that i was violent and represent a threat to them, she tried to have a family resctrition order ( denied ) after that she call CPS and told them that my daughters were afraid of me , follow with 4 more complaints with all of them were closed (unfounded) so when we went to the family court i was granted with 3 days a week and got 4 days a week , obviosly she is not happy with that , 2 week ago i found a big bruice on my younger daughters leg , i took pictures of the bruice but no gave it too much attencion to it, couple a days later a recieve a call from a CPS telling me that my ex took the girl to er due to that bruice and the doctor was force to report it to CPS, so she need to schedule a interview with me and request to see my daghters too, since then my ex have refuce to let me see the girls . in the interview the social worker told me that my younger daughter(4 years old) told her that i hit her with a belt, unfortunetly the girls werent around in the interview because my ex stop all the visitation , even when there is a court order for visitation , she is using the cps complaint as an excuse , i called my lawyer to tell him the situation and he told me as long she dont present a "safety Plan" from cps or the social worker tell me that i cannot see the girls she have to honor the court visitation order, i called her and told her that she still refuse to let me see my daughters

my question is , how long does it takes cps to hand or provide this SAFETY PLAN , the social worker didn mention nothing of this after the interview or make any indication or sugestion to stop the visitation,because when i called my ex she make it sound like she is getting one but she is working on getting one, i called the social worker and nothing , no answer or call back
2nd question, in the case she gets one , how does that affect me on family court ? do i am at risk of loosing my visitation rights , what should i do?? any advice guy, because in the meanwhile i am no seeing my daughters

by the way i didnot dicipline my daughters with the belt i dont know why she told the social worker that, i was very clear on that with the social worker , also she told me that she was going to call some relatives to complete the investigation but its been a week and she havent call no one . i am freaking out thanks for everyting guys
Reply Mon 29 Feb, 2016 05:52 am
Why haven't you called a lawyer about this?

It is too much for you to handle by yourself.

Yes, lawyers cost money. Being without your children, and for this reason (which by your account is a false accusation) is worse.

Contact Legal Services in your area and get representation.
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