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Hello everyone, from the title it is already clear what this is about, and I would for some critiques about my writing.

To Whom It May Concern
I am writing this appeal letter of my academic dismissal in University of X. Truthfully, I am not surprised, for the past two years I have been in this University, I have done nothing but grieved over my marks, and even more so after receiving the letter of dismissal. I even got a second chance through the Special Academic Probation Program, and I am extremely grateful for that experience, but I would like you to reconsider in keeping me as a student of this University.
I am aware that I missed sessions in the STEPS program, and I have no other excuse than me mixing up the times when they are held. I sincerely believed STEPS was a monthly session, not weekly session because I thought it would factor in the Winter term as well. I had made up for three of my missed sessions, when I had 1on1 meetings with the Student Success Advisors. But I cannot provide any other excuse but my own stupidity, it is entirely my fault and I sincerely from my bottom of my heart apologize. I would like to address the circumstances I was under during my two year stay of this University. The first of my circumstances stems on me believing I chose the wrong major, my grandma’s illness has been affecting me because it is gradually getting worse and I am currently undergoing examination for learning disability. The reason why I chose the English major was because I wanted to become an English teacher in another country, and this resulted in me trying to pass English at JUniversity. I had always struggled with grasping the understanding of the English language, and ran into numerous problems with my writing. I strongly believed that English would help improve my writing, so I could achieve my dream. I know full well that English will never be my strong subject, yet I stubbornly perused it, and was ecstatic when I finally got a B for English 1101. This resulted in me finally becoming confident with my English skills and got into the Sociology program in the fall term. But it soon all came crashing down in the Winter term after my Linguistics course and a general education course based off of using our grammar skills, which lead me to spiral into confusion on whether or not I made the right choice in applying for the Bachelors of Arts English program with my gpa from my J university fall term. Although I struggled to keep myself going it proved rather difficult because of my grandma’s deteriorating mental health. My grandma has alzheimer and would even get lost on some occasions, resulting in my family having to go look for her. Throughout my life I had struggled with learning and was placed in ESL during my elementary age, I understand the subjects but I would sometimes twist the meaning into something entirely different resulting into my confusion. This is usually the case with problem solving in math and English. My gpa was above average and I can guarantee you that I will achieve average grades if I am reinstated. And if you look at my marks in my program I have received a B in EDU201 and mostly Cs in my other class, the only classes I have failed are English, which leads to my belief that English is dragging me down. My greatest success story in my grades not being terrible are the ones I used to enter University of x. My gpa was above average and I can guarantee you that I will achieve average grades if I am reinstated.
Granted things may seem bleak for me, but if I am reinstated my family had already placed a gps on my grandmother so whenever she gets lost, we can look at the site and retrieve her. And my family has decieved to enroll my grandma into a care center on the week days to put less stress on us. I am also looking into changing my major to either East Asian Studies, Japanese or open studies to bring up my grades. I am extremely grateful for University of x, in giving me such a wonderful experience even during hard times. The professors has been nothing but kind to me, and I am really thankful for their care. I included documentation in assisting my claims in the following attachments and if I am allowed to be on academic probation once more I will assure you that I am able to achieve the same marks I had at J university. I pulled myself from the ground up, and I can achieve it again. I hope you will consider this appeal, and I wish you great health and future.

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You are all over the place, and that is not only why you're hanging by a thread at school, it's also why you didn't do so well in English.

Use paragraphs to make separate points. Make a point about your confusion. Make a point about your issues with English 101. Make a point about your grandmother's illness. Etc.

You need to make it abundantly clear that, in the future, you will talk to your advisors and make sure to clear up any confusion you may have with any of your courses, whether it is a scheduling issue or what the homework is, or where the classroom is.

From my standpoint (and I am just an observer here; I am not in academia), you are a student who:
  1. Didn't attend class and made assumptions about when it was and didn't ask anyone whether those assumptions were correct. This happened even though this student had already been on academic probation and should have been taking a lot more care with the basics of collegiate life, such as getting to scheduled classes.
  2. Has a sick elder but a lot of students have elders and elders get sick. That worries people but it is, sad to say, hardly unique.
  3. Has the wrong major. This is another condition that is hardly unique.
  4. Has very little understanding of how to succeed in advanced academics or where to go with their learning. This is also hardly unique; a lot of young people have no coherent plan for their future and haven't the foggiest idea of where to start.
  5. Seems to be overwhelmed by coursework and overly stressed.

Why should they give you a chance unless you change a lot? I don't mean to sound cruel; it's more that I suspect returning would set you up for failure yet again.

Why not try a community college, where the classes are often smaller and the pressure tends to be less? Go there and retake English 101 (trust me, if your writing is at all indicative of your general writing abilities, you will be better off retaking it with a lot less pressure so you can relearn these concepts and have them reinforced). Don't worry about a career or a major. Just get through and get a 2-year degree in a basic discipline (e. g. history, languages, that sort of thing), and then try a university again.

A lot of young people are not ready for university life. It is not a lack of intelligence; it's a lack of maturity usually. I fear you are setting yourself up for even more pressure and things could potentially only worsen. I wish you well.
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Thanks for replying. That's the thing about my grammar, I don't know how to īmprove on it. And I had already taken english at another insitute as stated in my letter. The whole reason being was to improve my writing, but I couldn't do well for some reason. I do go to writing workshops, on top of grammar worlshops that are avaiable at school but again as I said about my learning disability that may have been dragging me down. I had proven that I do get good grades, and I understand where you are coming from. I have no other excuse for missing those step classes other than my own blunder. But for my major courses I definetly do not skip, I have it on record in class for the profs and dean to look at. But like you said, my letter is all over the place and I genuinely don't know how to fix it.

I am thinking of taking open studies again, which is basically upgrading in university terms, thank you again for replying so fast.
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Reply Fri 29 Jan, 2016 12:01 pm
Look hard at Jespah's reply to you. She wrote in the manner she/we hope you can learn to do, and listed how to do it.
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